ONE for Sage 100 Combines ERP Software for Manufacturing with Multi-Bin and Pallet Tracking

Trying to pull multiple systems including ERP software for manufacturing, accounting, warehouse automation, and more can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Working with different vendors, making sure the data move seamlessly between systems and dealing with different IT requirements are tasks that steal precious time from your day. What if we told you that you can have all of these capabilities in a single system in ONE for Sage 100.

Enhanced Multi-Bin and Pallet Tracking with Work Order

ONE for Sage 100’s manufacturing and warehouse automation just got more powerful! Now, with products from Scanco, WOScan and ACS, you can have multi-bin and pallet tracking for Sage 100 Work Order. This new module combines the feature set from ACS’s multi-bin pallet tracking with the work order automation from WOScan. And it all works seamlessly with Sage 100 and Scanco barcoding solutions. With this new module you can:

  • Track pallets in work order issues and completion
  • Validate against existing pallets
  • Create next synchronous pallet number
  • Create any pallet ID on the fly
  • Work on both desktop and mobile devices.

ONE for Sage 100 was built out of a new product and business partnership with Advanced Computer Solutions Group (ACS) and JDB Solutions Group. Now, Emerald TC can offer you a one-stop shop for integrating and supporting everything related to warehouse and manufacturing. This means that you don’t need to link systems or worry about system compatibility. These powerful, solutions have been integrated for you. Here is what is included in ONE for Sage 100:

Scanco Warehouse: Warehouse Automation and Barcoding Solutions for Sage 100

Scanco Warehouse provides mobile, hand-held barcoding devices that automate your warehouse using the latest in technology and cloud software. Users can choose what device they want to use to manage inventory for Sage 100. Scanco Warehouse will run on Windows-based scanners, phones, tablets, or desktops. It also works on IOS and Android devices, lowering your hardware costs exponentially. Scanco Warehouse has the functionality of a complete warehouse management solution as well as sales and field service functionality.

Multi-Bin and Warehouse Management for Sage 100

With ACS’s Multi-Bin and Warehouse Management for Sage 100, you can improve warehouse productivity and eliminate inventory shrinkage. It includes directed picking, directed put-away, and warehouse zones. You can pick by order, wave picking, or wave batch picking and you can define your own picking algorithms.

Manufacturing Automation: WOScan for Sage 100 Work Order

When you need to automate the eight Sage 100 Work Order module transactions, Scanco Warehouse interfaces with WOScan. With this combination, you can get real-time work order raw materials inventory transfers or lookup on your handheld devices. WOScan provides manufacturing automation that allows your shop floor personnel to capture material issued, labor on the work order, materials completions and warehouse changes. And all of this data is synchronized automatically with Sage 100. Sage 100 does not need to be running or installed on the collection device.

Also new are these manufacturing automation features available with WOScan Live.

  • Live Data Transfer. Transactions recorded by one device are instantly visible on all other connected devices.
  • Live Shop Floor Monitoring Screen. This customizable screen refreshes automatically showing your real time tracking of labor and material issue data so you have a clear view of what’s happening across the shop floor.
  • Administrative Console. From this console, you have complete control over every user and device from a single screen. You can change, correct or delete any transaction coming from any device.

ONE for Sage 100 Offers Big Benefits

What does all of this mean for you? ONE for Sage 100 brings big benefits to your company. Each individual system provides useful automation, but all together, they offer powerful changes.

  • Eliminate redundant data entry and costly time delays
  • Improve data accuracy with automatic data collection and seamless interfaces
  • Increase visibility and control over your warehouse and job shop
  • Choose a cost-effective single solution so you don’t have to waste time working with multiple vendors for sales and support

For more information on ONE for Sage 100, ERP software for manufacturing, contact us.

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