Sage 100 Users—Don’t Be Late, It’s Time to Update

Sage 100 has been a strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for many years. Since starting out as MAS 90 and MAS 200, Sage has offered a strong upgrade path adding in the latest in technology and functionality. If you are still on an old version of Sage 100, it may be time to consider the upgrade options available to you today. If you are on Sage 100 2013, it is a necessity.

Don’t know your version? In your Sage software, go to HELP>ABOUT SAGE 100 ERP.

Sage 100 version 2013 (5.0) will be retired this fall.

If you are running on Sage 100 version 2013, you should have received reminders that this version will be retired this fall (9/30/16). At that time, phone support for this version will cease and year-end tax table updates will not be provided. Don’t wait until the last minute; update your system now.

If you are using Sage Payroll, you must be on a current Sage 100 version.

Sage is changing payroll to a subscription price model based on the number of unique active employees who are to be paid. Payroll is no longer a part of the Sage Business Care plan but billed separately. Direct deposit services are new and improved and are offered at no additional charge. However, this service is only available with Sage 100 versions 2015 PU4 and Sage 100 2016.

Sage Payroll Options

  • Sage 100 U.S. Payroll Subscription: This solution is best if you want to control your payroll process and need to track job costs, or don’t need to have access to payroll from a non-business location.
  • Sage Payroll Services: This cloud-based solution can be used whether you choose to process your own payroll or have someone process payroll for you. If you need access to payroll from multiple locations or process payroll in multiple states, this service will work well for you.
  • Sage HRMS: If you need integrated human resources capabilities including benefit management, compliance reporting or employee self-service, this is the best solution.

Sage 100 Upgrade Options

  • Sage 100 2016: The latest version of Sage 100 places the entire power of the product onto the web and enables you to easily add mobile access to existing processes. Learn more about Sage 100 2016.
  • Sage 100c: At the same time that Sage announced Sage 100 2016, the company announced Sage 100c. You get all of the 2016 release enhancements with a modern web-like user interface. It has improved navigation, customizable desktop themes and more. Sage 100c is only available as a subscription. This means smaller upfront costs with recurring subscription costs. Watch a detailed video demonstration of Sage 100c here.

Tips for Sage 100 Upgrades

Are you ready to upgrade your Sage 100 version? We are always available to help, but here are a few tips to make your upgrade run more smoothly.

  1. Check your print drivers. Quite often a software upgrade is combined with a server or workstation upgrade. This can mean new print drivers are necessary.
  2. Save your forms selections. If your print drivers have changed, your defaults or forms printing will have changed as well. The first time you print a form, it will have gone back to the default STANDARD. Take the time to assign the right form.
  3. Assign a form code to your bank code. Keep printing checks without issues by going to ACCOUNTS PAYABLE>BANK CODE MAINTENANCE and assign a form code to your bank code.
  4. Check your label printing. Your labels may need to be tweaked again if your print drivers have changed.

Call Emerald TC to Review Your Options

If you aren’t sure which Sage 100 upgrade option is best for your company, call Emerald TC at 678-456-6919 or fill out this online form. Our consultants have a high level of product knowledge and can work with you to select the best solution that will meet your business needs.

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