Sage Document Management: Ditch the Paper and Gain Efficiency

Sage document managementSummer months are nearly upon us, a time when holidays and vacations are on your coworkers’ minds and it can be a struggle to work effectively each and every day. Add outdated business processes to the mix and your organization is likely experiencing bottlenecks. While a manager is out of the office, she may have invoices piling up on her desk; you may be getting charged late fees or missing early pay discounts and your coworkers might be wasting time scanning, copying, printing, filing and searching for files.

Sage Document Management eliminates that wasted time and money. Don’t believe us? Here’s a look at three ways your organization will increase efficiency by going paperless.

  1. Efficient Storage

Countless documents pass through your organization. Some are created in-house; others are delivered. Recent studies find that the average office worker in the United States uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. Think about how much time your coworkers spend sorting and filling that paper. What happens when a document can’t be found? The recreation process is both time-consuming and expensive. Do you store documents off-site? Those are monthly fees that you wouldn’t have to worry about with an electronic repository. Sage Document Management can automatically capture those myriad documents and store them in a repository for secure and easy access.

  1. Efficient Search

Gathering documents is another complicated task that plagues many offices. Documents sometimes “disappear” from filing cabinets; other times they are too damaged to use. If that file is stored off-site, you’re spending more time and money to retrieve it. Perhaps that coworker on vacation has a file you need buried somewhere on his desk. Even companies who have digitized some of their documents and stored them in a file share experience issues: you still have to use a search engine to find documents (that may have been stored by a coworker who uses a different naming convention than yourself).

With integrated document management software such as Sage Document Management, you have greater control and visibility of documents. A user (with security privileges granted by you) can access a file from her desktop or mobile device, even pulling up related documents (such as everything from one vendor or every document sharing the same PO number). It’s that easy!

  1. Efficient Workflow

Paper often slows down the workplace by bogging down business processes. A process that involves multiple stages of approval – walking a file across the hall or shipping across the country – is not efficient. In a paperless office, automated workflow enables approvals to take place from anywhere: outside the office, via email, on a mobile device, etc. Rules and workflow delegation can be set in place. Plus, alerts can be scheduled to notify employees if an approval deadline is approaching. Sage Document Management saves both time and money while answering your workflow problems.

Sound like a better workplace? If you want to store, easily access, share and move your documents through workflow, let us know. Emerald TC can answer your questions regarding Sage Document Management by Altec. Start on the road towards a paperless office and greater efficiency today!

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