Why Integrated Business Systems like Sage 100 and Acumatica are Good Investments

AcumaticaInvestments in business systems and technology can add up and it makes sense to keep these at a minimum. But these investments make good business sense when you consider the financial benefits you gain from integrated business systems. Integrated enterprise resource planning systems like Acumatica and Sage 100 can pay for themselves through accurate, real-time data that enables improved business decisions and by automating labor-intensive or error-prone processes.

Real-Time Data, Improved Decisions = Higher Profits

What could your company do with better business intelligence? That’s the question many companies are asking themselves this year as they consider investing in integrated software solutions that will help each of their business areas work together efficiently.

The ever-increasing competition among global businesses has caused a revolution in how information is used in the industry. Today, businesses must provide goods and services at the lowest costs just as they did yesterday. But in order to achieve this objective, they must have accurate, timely data, and an easy way to get it. This improved business intelligence enables companies to make better decisions and improve the bottom line.

Businesses Face Daily Data Challenges

Data has always been the lifeblood of any business. Knowing costs at each point of the business, understanding fixed and variable costs, and improving processes to increase profitability are always on the business manager’s mind.

But beyond that, businesses want more than just the cost of their products or services. They want to know not just the numbers, but how changes in one part of the system impact the whole. They want the flexibility to run models that help them gain insights into how costs impact profits. More importantly, they demand accurate data that can be used to inform decision-making.

Unsolved Software Integration Challenges Impact Profitability

Unsolved system integration challenges pose many risks for businesses. As more components are added to a system, there’s greater potential for error. Mistakes in data entry (and re-entry), for example, can lead to incorrect data. This data, if used to make decisions, can lead companies into poor decision-making that can negatively impact profits. Beyond poor decision making, every time data is re-entered into the system, it costs more money that could be invested elsewhere.

Integration Shouldn’t Be Painful

Some businesses today continue to work with disparate systems that were never meant to integrate. The older the system, the more difficult it may be to integrate. Gaps between systems during the integration process can lead to errors and mistakes unless they are addressed by a sound ERP system. Using an enterprise resource planning solution eliminates the pain of integrating separate solutions and places mission-critical operations and data all in one place.

Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Software Improves Decision Making

Today companies are placing a priority on system integration so that they can gain a comprehensive, single view of the entire business. Although such investments may be substantial, they do pay off. Businesses who invest in systems integration see improvements as a result of the investment. Clearly, when product integration is comprehensive and accurate, it offers useful information that can improve business.

Integrated Enterprise Software is an Investment That Pays

Any investment made into software must provide a good return on investment. With Sage 100 and Acumatica ERP solutions, product integration challenges can be solved and your company will have access to instantaneous and accurate data from across the enterprise. It is systems integration that pays off.

Emerald TC offers integrated enterprise resource planning system including Sage 100 and Acumatica. Investments in these systems pay for themselves through better data, better decisions and higher profits.  Contact us to learn more about using integrated systems to improve your business.

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