3 Ways CRM Systems Benefit Your Whole Company

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are not just for sales. If you have a legacy CRM system that does little more than manage the sales process, you aren’t getting the value a modern CRM system can provide.

The latest CRM systems like Sage CRM or Acumatica’s Customer Management module can help you provide your customers with a superior experience at every point of contact from accounting to sales to service. CRM software solutions are not just for sales anymore.

CRM Software Solutions that Provide Value to All Departments

Although the exact figures will vary according to your company’s revenues and expenses, you can estimate the value of an effective CRM software solution by understanding three data points:

  • Revenue: How can improving the customer experience increase revenue? Think about opportunities for add-on sales, bigger shopping carts, and repeat visits. All of these lead to increased revenue.
  • Operating costs: Consider how much you’re spending now to monitor multiple channels manually. If you have separate departments monitoring call center volume, social media interactions, and email inquiries, how much could you save if these were all rolled into one interface?
  • Improve efficiencies: Older IT systems and CRM systems tend to cost more and more each year to manage. You may feel like you’re constantly patching, tweaking, and retooling what should work easily. New CRM software solutions not only improve the customer experience; they can decrease IT costs by reducing inefficiencies.

Gathering these inputs, figuring out revenues versus expenses, and assessing the overall brand impact that improved customer service may make on your business isn’t a quick process. But a thorough examination of these facts may lead you to the conclusion that a new CRM software solution is indeed a valuable asset.

The More You Integrate, the Better the Picture

The more you can integrate the different customer data inputs with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, the more holistic view you will have of your individual customers. That can help everyone in your company do a better job exceeding customer expectations.

  • Accounting data will help your team understand the average dollar value of a customer and their purchasing history.
  • Return data shows you any problems they may have had with merchandise.
  • Sales, warehouse, and fulfillment data can show you the status of any open orders so that you can give customers an accurate shipping estimate.
  • Marketing data shows you which promotions were sent to customers and when.

A good CRM software solution, integrated with your ERP and used skillfully by employees, can be used to enhance your customers’ experience and transform complaints into satisfaction.

CRM Software Solutions from Emerald TC

Emerald TC provides world-class CRM solutions integrated with your ERP. Sage CRM, which can integrate with Sage 100 and Sage 500, has a customer-centric view across your entire organization. Sage CRM can also be integrated with email marketing systems such as MailChimp so that you never have to duplicate customer data entry and you can track all of your interactions easily. Using Sage CRM, you can develop meaningful customer interactions and feedback to help your company serve them better.

Acumatica Cloud ERP offers its Customer Management module which integrates sales management with robust financials. Mobility is a natural with Acumatica’s cloud platform so you can view your customer information anywhere. In addition to sales automation, the module provides integrated marketing, business intelligence, a customer self-service portal, and service and support automation.

CRM software solutions from Emerald TC can drive customer loyalty by providing consistent and superior service across your entire company. Contact us today to select a CRM system for your business.

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