Get Ready: The Emerald TC and Century Business Solutions Partnership is Here!

If the goal is delivering superior payment solutions to our customers, then this union is a natural step.  We at Emerald TC are excited to announce our new partnership with Century Business Solutions to deliver improved services and solutions to new and existing customers.

What Century Business Solutions has to Offer

Emerald TC is already a trusted consulting company in its years of accounting and business management solutions, offering installation and support for ERP software, including Sage and Acumatica. So, why the new partnership with Century Business Solutions? With over 12 years of being one of the top performing and growing integrated payment solutions provider on the First Data Network, Century Business Solutions provides payment integration with over 50 software systems. Century Business Solution’s proprietary payment solution, EBizCharge, is a PCI Compliant payment application designed to improve the way you process payments within your ERP or accounting system.

Payment Acceptance and Processing -Simplified

Accounting can be a laborious task; EBizCharge payment integration to your ERP software simplifies the process. We took the most common issues in the typical accounting process and streamlined them, giving you the ability to process payments quickly with minimal training time. There is no need to worry about data security, as all sensitive card information is encrypted and tokenized ensuring PCI compliance. The best part is, EBizCharge qualifies cards at the lowest rates, therefore saving you on overall processing costs. The result? A single, seamless platform that improves your payment acceptance process and allows you to continue using the ERP software you know and love.

Customers Can Now Pay Invoices Online!

EBizCharge makes payment easier for you, and EBizCharge Connect makes payment easier for your customers! With this payment portal, your customers can now pay their outstanding invoices online. They have the flexibility to pay invoices in full or partial payments with the convenience of securely saving and updating their card information for quick recurring payments. All paid invoices are automatically posted to your Sage 100 Accounts Receivable and General Ledger. EBizCharge Connect transactions are processed through the PCI Compliant EBizCharge payment gateway, which utilizes the latest encryption and tokenization technology to ensure maximum transaction security between you and your customers.

How Will This Benefit Your Business?

EBizCharge is more than just software, it is specifically designed to fill in all the gaps within your accounting system. Whether it is data security, customization, or mobile compatibility, this software covers it all. With its wide range of features and flexibility, our virtual payment gateway can be used in any business, big or small, and in any industry. EBizCharge integration to Sage 100 and Acumatica is an exciting venture that simplifies the standard payment process, eases all common pain points, reduces time and processing costs, and overall improves merchant to customer relations.

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