Integrate Customer Relationship Management with ERP for Greater Results

Sage CRM Integration Makes an Impact on Profitability

CRM, customer relationship management, systems are great tools to improve your business. ERP, enterprise resource plan, systems can streamline your operations. Working together, their impact is greatly increased.

The key for success is integration. As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

CRM is the art of customer communications made streamlined and simplified through automation. CRM systems commonly manage sales and marketing functions, although they may manage other functions as well. ERP provides oversight and management of many office functions like technology, human resources, and other services. When the two are integrated, you get a complete view of your company that can help you track and manage all aspects of your business.

A 360-Degree View of Your Business

The drawbacks of having different systems like CRM and ERP is that they only give you a partial view of your business. It’s like working with one eye closed; you can only see what’s on your right or left, not the big picture.

With an integrated CRM and ERP system, you’ve got a 360-degree view of your business. From operations to HR, sales to accounting, you can keep track of every aspect. What you can track, you can manage, and what you can manage, you can maximize. It all starts with integration.

Increased Access Helps Business Productivity

Improved access to both CRM and ERP systems, most notably the use of ERP mobile systems, helps your team become more productive. Instead of using the systems only when they’re in the office, they can update and use the information no matter where they are. If your business depends on remote workers or mobile workers, ERP mobile systems integrated with CRM systems can provide flexibility and improve productivity.

Faster Response Time and Improved Customer Satisfaction

Your business probably lists “improving customer satisfaction” among its goals. When you integrate CRM and ERP systems, all of the data that’s available flows into one common dashboard. Customer service employees and others in your company no longer need to click through multiple screens or desktop apps to find updates on orders when customers call, or to answer simple customer questions. This faster response time can improve customer service and satisfaction, which in turn may lead to more orders.

Improve Sales and Retention

CRM systems are often used to help sales and marketing communicate product offers to customers. With an integrated CRM and ERP system, you can target those offers more effectively.  Past purchasing history can be used to generate new personalized offers. Recent orders can be used to generate upsells. Problems can be noted and corrected quickly. All of this helps improve sales to your current customers, thus boosting retention for maximum profitability.

Another way in which an integrated system can improve sales is through accurate inventory management. Sales employees may not know whether they can fulfill a customer’s order without real-time data flowing into an integrated system. With integrated CRM and ERP data, they can provide customers with accurate information on inventory and fulfillment times.

Centralized Contacts

Separate ERP and CRM systems can become unwieldy when they each have their own distinct set of contacts. Some may be unique, but others may overlap. If the company wants to do a mass mailing to all contacts, additional steps must be taken to reduce duplicates.

With an integrated CRM and ERP system, contacts are merged into one database. Now everyone in the company can have access to important contact information for clients, subcontractors, and service providers.

Integrate CRM and ERP with Emerald TC

Looking for CRM integration? Take a look at Sage CRM.  Over 15,000 organizations around the world using Sage CRM to create a single, customer-centric view of their business. Contact Emerald TC to take the next step toward integrating CRM and ERP. To learn more about using Sage CRM to boost customer satisfaction, download our free whitepaper, The Future of Customer Relationship Management.

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