It’s Time to Upgrade to Sage 100 2017

If you haven’t updated your Sage 100 ERP in a while, it may be time. Sage 100 2014 and earlier versions are now retired, meaning that payroll and tax updates will not be provided. But with all of the great new features in Sage 100, you’ll want to be current anyway.

Sage 100 2017 was released last fall with some nice extra features. This release introduced the ability to collect customer payments using ACH, enhanced credit card verification for corporate purchases, improved lookup and search features, and a collection of other updates throughout the software. We are going to give you a peek into what’s new, but to look a little deeper check out, Sage 100 2017 What’s New.

Customer Payment Processing

We all want to keep our customers happy and you can now offer your customers the ability to pay invoices electronically using new ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment processing in A/R Invoice Data Entry, Cash Receipts Entry, Repetitive Invoice Entry, Sales Order Entry, and S/O Invoice Data Entry.

Improving cash flow with faster and more immediate payment processing isn’t the only benefit from this new feature. It also eliminates fees associated with credit card payments, which your customers will love. In addition, customers that pay by credit card will be relieved to learn that Sage 100 2017 also delivers enhanced verification for corporate cards and purchase cards; this adds extra security and peace of mind.

Improved Lookups and Searches

Enhanced auto‐complete makes searching a snap. Your search criteria is compared with all words within the searched fields, not just the beginning of the text as it functioned in previous versions. For example, if you have a customer named Adam’s Appliance Service and a customer named Appliance Pro, typing “Appl” in the Customer No. field results in a list that includes both customers. This will save time and frustration when searching.

A Full Text option has been added to the Search list in Lookup windows. With this option, your search criteria is compared with the data in all columns available in the Lookup window.

You can also search for fields that do not contain a value (empty fields) in Lookup windows. After selecting a field from the Search list, select Is Empty from the operand list, then click Find.

Other Notable Changes

There are some additional changes and enhancements in Sage 100 2017 that deserve mentioning.

  • In‐Product Chat ‐ you can get help by chatting with customer support in real‐time, right in the software.
  • Sage Intelligence ‐ new, downloadable templates increase reporting flexibility.
  • User Experience ‐ improvements to reporting fonts, easier file‐based navigation, and ribbon‐style search capabilities all combine to make Sage 100 2017 easier to use than ever. Year End 2

Emerald TC can Help Your Business Thrive with Sage 100

If you’ve been using Sage 100 for a while and feel like it isn’t working well for you, Emerald TC can help. Our experienced consultants can evaluate your Sage 100 installation and provide recommendations for more streamlined and effective processes. For more information contact us today.

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