Sage 100 Tips and Tricks: Switching Launchers in Sage 100cloud

We talked about some of the great new features in Sage 100 2017 last month. Here are a few more Sage 100 updates that you won’t want to miss.

Payroll 2.0

The new Sage 100 Payroll module includes the ability to enter a check reversal based on the Check History file, similar to the reversals in Accounts Payable. You no longer need to type in all of the check information for checks within the current quarter.

New Bigger Fonts

Have you been pulling out your magnifier to read Sage 100 reports? You can put it away! Sage 100 2017 selected reports have larger font size for better readability. The font takes up the same size horizontally, but is 30-40% taller.

Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger reports are now in 8 point font and export to Excel more easily since empty columns are minimized.

Sage 100 2017 Launcher

The 2017 version of Sage 100 now includes some new, helpful icons. Under Help, you can find a new Support grouping which includes links to the Sage Knowledgebase, the Online Community, and Sage University. You can also submit product ideas which Sage uses as a basis for new version updates.

If you are running Sage 100cloud, you may switch between Classic or Standard launchers either during login, using the Settings button, or under Change User Settings in the File Menu.

Emerald TC can Help Your Business Thrive with Sage 100

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