Sage 100 Tips and Tricks: Getting Your Commissions Right

Accurate payroll is important for employee satisfaction and nobody wants to rework payroll once its been run. To ensure the accuracy of your Sage 100 commissions calculations, follow these three tips.

If you’d like to learn more about Sage 100’s new Payroll 2.0 module, click here for more information and helpful videos.

Tip #1

Make sure that your Commission is set up correctly in Item Maintenance. There are several options for commissions. If no one gets commission, it should be set at “None.” If you pay the same commission percentage per item, you should select the “Percent of” that fits. If you pay a percentage for a salesperson, choose. “Standard.”

Tip #2

Make sure you do not override the Commission by mistake. There is an override setup in Line Item Commission. By clicking on the flashlight in this menu, you can see everything that was set up in the override file.

Tip #3

Make sure that your Shipto has the correct salesperson. The salesperson field is also in the Shipto file. If this is a common issue for you, contact Emerald TC to create a custom report that can identify situations when the salesperson in the Shipto file is different from what is in the Customer file.

More Questions? Emerald TC can Help

If you’ve been using Sage 100 for a while and feel like it isn’t working well for you, Emerald TC can help. Our experienced consultants can evaluate your Sage 100 installation and provide recommendations for more streamlined and effective processes. For more information contact us today.

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