Sage CRM: Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Mistakes—everyone makes them. But when it comes to Sage CRM implementation and integration with Sage 100, the fewer mistakes that you make, the better. Although everyone makes mistakes, they do take the time to correct. That time could be much better spent on using your new, integrated CRM/ERP system to grow your business.

Fortunately, we’ve worked with enough companies to spot the most frequently made mistakes. We’ve put together this little quiz to help you self-identify potential blind spots and mistakes. Now don’t worry—there’s no pass or fail. It’s all in good fun. But the answer may surprise you.

The CRM Quiz: Are You Helping or Hurting Implementation and Integration?

Give yourself 1 point for every YES answer below.

  1. We’ve assigned someone as the Project Lead for our CRM implementation Project.
  2. There is a representative from every department on the CRM project team.
  3. We asked managers throughout the company what they wanted and needed in a CRM system and took their answers into account when choosing a product.
  4. The vendor agreed to a trial or test period with the CRM system so that we could be sure it met our company’s needs.
  5. We have a designated CRM system administrator and respect this person’s guidance when it comes to data entry and system use.
  6. We have systems and processes in place that guide or CRM and ERP use.
  7. Managers were able to narrow down the list of reports requested to those they used most frequently.
  8. We have data quality guidelines and rules in place and are good at following them.
  9. We’ve discussed when marketing campaigns are sent and have internal consensus as to how many we’ll send overall so we don’t inundate customers with marketing messages.
  10. We’ve set aside plenty of time for training on the new CRM system.

How did you score?

8 – 10: You’re a CRM wizard! Your company could teach others a thing or two about running a CRM project. Congratulations.

5 – 7: You’re doing some things right, but there’s room for improvement. Which areas are you weak in? Find them and fix them.

3 – 5:  You’re on shaky ground and apt to have an unsuccessfully CRM implementation. Speak today with your vendor on how you can improve CRM adoption, implementation, and use.

3 or less: You are a CRM mistake in action. Fix it now before it’s too late and you waste the wonderful opportunities found in your CRM system.

Best Practices for CRM Implementation and CRM/ERP Integration

Although this quiz is just for fun, it does help you pinpoint any gaps in your processes. For example, if you answered “No” to question 8, you may find that over time the data quality in the system degrades without rules and structure to guide which data is entered when it is updated, and how it should be entered. A data dictionary, guidelines, and rules may be needed to ensure data quality is maintained.

From the start of your CRM project, it is helpful to choose a CRM project team leader. This person can interface with the vendor and internal departments to ensure that adequate representation is given to everyone. Allow ample time for your project.

By choosing products from the Sage software family, you’ll have an easier time with implementation. Sage products integrate well with one another, forming a cohesive system that aggregates and integrates data across the company. Sage CRM and Sage 100 ERP together provide a powerful system for customer communications, relationship management, and business analytics.

Emerald TC

Emerald TC offers an experienced team of consultants, master developers, and CPAs who specialize in delivering the accounting and business management solutions you need to grow your company. Integrations such as Sage CRM and Sage 100 ERP offer a terrific solution for businesses in search of applications that can help them manage and respond to a growing list of business needs. To learn more, contact us or call 678-456-6919

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