DocLink Makes Document Management in Sage ERP Easier and Faster

Altec document management for Sage 100 and AcumaticaDocLink for Sage 100 by Altec provides you with fast, efficient management of all your important documents. Have you ever gone on the “great paper hunt” looking for documents in your office? With Altec document management, such hunts are over since all your documents can be managed efficiently online.

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Truly Paperless Sage ERP Document Management

The media likes to talk about a paperless office or a world in which documents are all managed electronically but, so far, few businesses have been able to accomplish this feat. With DocLink for Sage 100 by Altec, you can capture documents online and eliminate old-fashioned filing cabinets.

DocLink automates the routing and distribution of many forms. This includes:

  • Capturing both internal and external documents
  • Approve and control documents using workflow processes
  • Retrieve, schedule, and find documents easily
  • Access and share documents inside your company and with external vendors and business contacts
  • Automate document routing for approval and signature

How Much Time Do You Spend on Paperwork Now?

How many hours per week do you spend on paperwork now? Think of all the time you could save using an automatic document handling software such as DocLink. Instead of worrying who gets what and when you can automate workflows to save time and effort. It’s like having your own personal assistant to move documents around the office—but you don’t need to find the assistant a desk!

Document Capture

DocLink captures documents in many formats and converts them into electronically retrievable files. The system print captures and automatically indexes documents and reports, making them easy to find and retrieve from the system.

You can scan documents or have them faxed into the system, too. Print Capture features from Microsoft Office are fully compatible with the program, making it easy to add documents from common Microsoft Programs right into your system.

User Configurable Workflow

One of the great features in DocLink is the ability for users to configure the workflow throughout the system. You can automate business processes and set up various workflows to account for unique scenarios. Configurable approval stamps, annotations, and more can also be added to the system to make document management easier and more convenient.

Consider a simple accounts receivable process. The A/R office must issue an invoice, then send copies to the client while filing copies in their office cabinet. Next, they must wait until payment is received, then manually enter it into the system. Receipts must be printed and mailed.

An automated process using DocLink might look like this: The A/R department issues an invoice and sends it via email to the customer. It also logs the invoice as a document in the system. Later, it triggers a reminder that payment is due, if it is late. The paperwork is filed in the system itself, and when payment is received, it can be received electronically through a payment portal. The payment updates the system, closing the file and making additional paperwork unnecessary.

A Truly Paperless Office

With DocLink for Sage 100, you can have a truly paperless office without fuss or hassle. It manages documents easily so you don’t have to go on the great paperwork hunt through file cabinets, storage boxes, and coworkers’ desks.

Go paperless with DocLink by Altec! Emerald TC can help you create a truly paperless office, thanks to DocLink. We offer consulting, software services, and more to help you grow a productive and profitable business. Contact us or call 678-456-6919 for more information on Sage 100.

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