Assessing the True Value of Employee Development and Training

Manufacturing ERP software tracks more than raw materials. It can also track, measure, and help you to improve your HR activities.

Manufacturing ERP software can do more than help you track debits and credits, inventory, and raw materials. It can also help you track and measure the success of your employee training and development activities.

How many times have you wanted to implement a formal learning management program to deliver, track and manage that training but were afraid you couldn’t quantify the results? Many organizations track the training they offer but do so through manual methods. Spreadsheets, notes in folders, emailed reports to senior management are fine as far as they go, but they don’t do enough to measure outcomes against KPIs. For that, you need a robust training platform.

Sage 100 offers Sage HRMS, a human resources software that works with Sage products for a comprehensive solution for manufacturing companies. In addition to Sage HRMS, Cyber Recruiter and Cyber Train add even more power to your abilities to track, measure and report on training outcomes.

There are many benefits obtained from adding these types of software to your manufacturing ERP software. Soon, you’ll be able to track widgets and workers just as easily through your Sage 100 ERP database with the additional solutions available.

Benefits of HRMS Software: Tracking Training and Development Outcomes

What positive benefits can you see from using HRMS software to track training and development outcomes?

  • Improves employee retention: Studies tell us that 40 percent of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. They cite lack of skills training and development as the principal reason for leaving their jobs. Employee development and training programs help employees feel invested in their jobs and in their organizations. A well-established program ensures that employees continue to feel motivated to advance their own careers within the company, as well as to advance the company’s mission, rather than turning elsewhere for new opportunities.
  • Attracts talented people: Organizations with standardized development and training plans are attractive to job seekers. They see a company who is willing to invest in its staff and supporting successful personal and professional growth. A recent Bersin study noted, “Companies with career management programs are better able to attract and retain top talent, leading to higher employee engagement and, in turn, a positive impact on the bottom line.”
  • Automates manual HR processes: You know those spreadsheets where you are tracking development programs? Sage HRMS and Cyber Train automate the process of recording who has taken what training. You can track course offerings, registration, certificate renewal, and participation rates without cumbersome data entry. You can also output this information into reports for senior management.
  • Standardizes training: When all training and development courses are available in one training module or database, you can improve its efficiency and standardize training delivery.
  • Improves compliance: OSHA training, anti-discrimination training and much more are all required in today’s manufacturing environment. With software to make training delivery easier, you can improve compliance rate with training requirements.

Companies with simple training needs may feel like a full-on HRMS system is overkill. However, most manufacturing companies have multiple training needs: safety, product knowledge, customer service, warehouse management, and other job skills all require separate courses and completion tracking. Even the simplest manufacturing environment may have more complex training needs than you are aware of and HRMS software can help.

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