An Important Sage 100cloud Update

Sage 100cloud updateThe last Sage100cloud update announced new and exciting features to enhance productivity. This included many time-saving features such as auto-complete for numbers, four places to search for account numbers, and much more.

Now, Emerald TC brings you the latest Sage100cloud update with several quick bulletins.

Sage 100 Version 2016

As of September 30, 2019, Sage 100 version 2016 will no longer be supported by the company. This means they won’t be updating the software or patching any known issues moving forward. While you can continue using the 2016 version of Sage, upgrading to Sage 100cloud might be a smart move at this time. It offers enhanced support and a newer payroll module that clients love.

If you ever need to know the status of any Sage product or version, Sage provides a website that features the status update. It’s a great tool to see if your software is available or if a new feature is ready yet.

Sage 2019.v1 Update

In April 2019, Sage rolled out their 2019 update. Customers love it and many are switching both from older versions of Sage and competitor software to the new Sage100cloud.

One thing you may have noticed with the 2019 Sage 100cloud is the new ability to add Tracking Numbers. These can be added as a message in the Sales Order Invoice when sending paperless invoices. If you choose to include the information in the body of the message, it will convert to hyperlinks which will take you right to the website to track the shipment. Or, if you choose to include it in the subject line, it will be plain text. This gives greater flexibility to track orders.

New Entries Not Automatically Added to Search

One thing that has confused some customers is that some results aren’t showing up when using the Auto Search feature in Customers/Vendors/Items/GL Accounts/Employees fields. This is because new entries are no longer automatically entered into the search file.

To add them to the search file, you must:

  • Go to Library Master/Utilities/Build Search Index to recreate the search file with all current entries.
  • Run this this on a regular basis to keep the search file up-to-date.

Add a note to your calendar now to run this index on a regular basis if you rely on it to search for new entries.

Microsoft Office Integration Change

If you are using Microsoft Office 365 alongside Sage 100cloud, you will need to update to TLS protocol version 1.2. Also, if you like Sage 100cloud’s paperless feature and frequently email documents to your customers, note that you must run the 2018 or 2019 versions of Microsoft to continue using this feature.

Get More Out of Your Sage 100cloud Package

To get even more benefit from Sage 100cloud, Emerald TC offers a wealth of Sage 100cloud training resources. These resources can help you maximize your use of Sage 100cloud and get more for your money from the software. Learn how to set up and use payroll features, for example, or glean time-saving tricks of the trade. It’s all free and available from Emerald TC.

Sage 100cloud ERP: Ever Changing, Always Improving

As you can see from this Sage 100cloud update, Sage is always improving. These updates and changes reflect the company’s commitment to providing its users with the very best product for their needs.

Many small businesses rely on Sage 100cloud ERP. It offers a comprehensive selection of feature-rich solutions, including core accounting and finance, business intelligence, human resources, payroll, and much more. It’s integrated with Microsoft Office 365 to enhance your workplace with easy data sharing in emails and more.

With so much available in one package, it’s no wonder that Sage 100cloud receives rave reviews from our customers. To learn more about Sage 100cloud, contact Emerald TC today.

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