Sage Production Management: Modernized Platform With Convenient Features

Sage Production ManagementIn 2019, Sage released Sage Production Management. This new module replaces the legacy Work Order module. The release offers a product that’s consistent with the popular Sage 100 cloud software and works better with other Sage products.

Business Object Framework

Sage Production Management is built on the Business Object Framework. This offers users a modernized platform capable of all the conveniences that Sage users demand: primary and secondary data entry grids, resizable windows, batch data entry, right-click context menus, grid export to Excel, custom scripting, and more.

Replaces and Improves Upon the Work Order Module

Sage made these improvements intentionally. Sage Production Management is intended to replace the Work Order module completely. It provides higher value with advanced features, a bonus for Sage fans.

4 Benefits of Sage Production Management

There are many benefits users find attractive in the new Sage Production Management package, but four stand out as particularly useful. These include:

  1. Complex cost tracking: Users can track labor, job-related attributes (such as overhead), direct AP costs, and job status using Sage Production Management. The system provides real-time reporting for cost tracking, so you always know precisely what the job cost status is, and you can make quick changes to inventory, processes, and materials.
  2. Real-time visibility: If you’ve ever found yourself scrambling to ascertain the status of supplies, then Production Management will be a huge help. It lets you know exactly where you are in the supply process with real-time item status updates. Not only does it help your business, but you’ll be able to share the information with your customers so you can manage their expectations on shipping and production times.
  3. Dynamic inventory management: The new integrated inventory management controls in Sage Production Management reduce the risk of making costs mistakes while exporting sales order and spreadsheet data. It also eliminates the need to create manual purchase orders. Instead, use the new controls and get real-time inventory transactions and quantity on-hand updates.
  4. Expansion potential: Sage Production Management was created with the end-goal in mind: a flexible software tool that can be custom-tailored for each business’ needs. The framework architecture makes it ideal for this. Long-term roadmaps include plans for extensions that will support material requirements planning, make to order, enhanced scheduling, and advanced product configuration.

Sage Production Management Works With Sage 100cloud

Sage Production Management will only work if you have Sage 100cloud version 2019 (6.1) or higher. It’s time to upgrade if you’re using anything else! Sage offers many excellent features to help you manage accounting, operations, and finance, with additional modules to make warehouse management, shipping, production, and distribution information gathering a snap.

Upgrading to Sage 100cloud provides you with many advanced features:

  • Improved UI: A redesigned user interface provides more straightforward navigation and a faster learning curve.
  • Drill-Down Capabilities: An improved internal search engine helps users find individual functions more efficiently.
  • Vertical Functionality: Built-in material, inventory, and financial controls provide additional functionality.
  • Automation: Establish automated workflows for recording processes within financial and inventory control modules.
  • Office 365 Features: Improved integration with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Mobility: Improved mobile interfaces and a deeper level of functionality with multiple devices.
  • Integrated Solutions: Cloud connectivity provides better integration with incorporated modules.

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