Software End-of-Life? Sage HRMS Makes the Transition Easier

Sage HRMSSage HRMS is a wonderful human resource management system. It can make the transition from your current system to the new one easier to manage thanks to its user-friendly design and the excellent support given to all Sage customers.

End-of-Life for Your Software?

Software end-of-life sounds dire. It merely means the vendor is no longer updating the software. That means no more critical security fixes, upgrades, or support. You may be able to continue using the software, but without security updates and patches … should you?

4 Common Issues With Using End-of-Life Software

The short answer is no—you should find new HRMS software and make the switch.

The long answer—there are significant problems with continuing to use unsupported software.

  1. Security vulnerabilities: Hackers and cybercriminals love unsupported software. They know if they can crack the code and get into the system, the software vendor won’t issue patches to fix the vulnerability. This is why older, unsupported software makes your company’s data vulnerable. Can you risk that with human resources data? Think about all the sensitive information kept in an HRMS system: usernames and passwords, names and addresses, social security numbers, and more. Hackers would love to get their hands on that, and using unsupported old software makes their job a lot easier.
  2. Compliance issues: Many companies use their systems to ensure compliance with state and federal law. Laws change, however, and if your software isn’t updated, it may no longer be in sync with applicable laws. You may end up performing manual calculations or other tasks to remain in compliance when up-to-date software could take care of this for you easily and quickly.
  3. Bugs and fixes: Software vendors update their packages to fix known “bugs.” However, if your software is no longer updated or supported by the vendor, any bugs that creep into the works won’t be addressed. So if your HRMS software starts to freeze when you’re printing from a particular screen, for example, you cannot contact the vendor and report the error and wait for the fix. It won’t be fixed. You’ll have to find a work-around on your own.
  4. Higher operating costs: Without vendor support, the only way to fix issues is to hire a specialist to work on it for you. If you need new reports, integration with other software, or anything fixed, you’ll spend more just to make the adjustments. It would be smarter to upgrade to a new, supported package than to waste money on custom coding.

Received a Software End-of-Life Message? Explore Sage HRMS

Making the switch to Sage HRMS can be simpler than you expect. Emerald TC offers extensive training and support to all our clients to help them use their new software to its fullest capacity. We may be able to export your existing data, import it into the new system, and advise you on setup.

Sage HRMS offers small to medium-sized businesses the tools they need to manage their employees’ benefits. Data derived from Sage HRMS can also be used to support critical business and manage decisions.

For more information, see our page on Sage HRMS and discuss your software needs with one of our consultants.

If you’ve grown comfortable with an HRMS package, it can be upsetting to learn that it’s being phased out. Fortunately, software such as Sage HRMS makes the transition to new software easier.

Don’t wait until your software starts acting up or cybercriminals exploit a vulnerability in your unsupported HRMS software. Now is the time to contact Emerald TC and explore Sage HRMS.