3 More Ways CRM Systems Help You Succeed

Integrate CRM Software with ERP for Even More Impact

Are you getting the full value out of your customer relationships management (CRM) system? Do you even have a CRM system yet?

Beyond the obvious benefits of making sales and marketing teams more efficient and effective, today’s CRM systems are integrated into all areas of a business to bring accurate, timely information to everyone who needs it.

Benefits of CRM Systems

There are many benefits you can expect to achieve with a CRM system:

  • Better email marketing
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Easier up sells and cross sells
  • Accurate and accessible customer history
  • Increased efficiency

Perhaps you are already realizing these benefits. If so, have you considered what else you can achieve when your CRM system is integrated with your ERP? Integrating CRM systems with ERP software such as Acumatica or Sage 100 offers even more benefits including shared data, accurate data, and timely data. ERP systems that incorporate sales data can help you with forecasting, planning, and marketing activities. The more you can base your decisions on data, the more accurate they will be.

Unexpected Benefits of CRM Systems

These are all great benefits you can attain from implementing an integrated CRM system. However, there are three unexpected benefits you can achieve as well.

These include:

  1. Improved customer trust: When customers call your office looking for an answer to a question or a resolution to a problem, they don’t care who helps them, as long as they get the help they need. With a customer relationship management system integrated with your ERP system, you can get a 360-degree view of the customer’s activities and the entire supply chain and warehouse system. This means accurate, timely, and correct answers when customers want to know what happened to their order or if it’s in stock. When you can answer your customers’ questions without transferring them to 16 different people or accidentally hanging up on them, you’ve won their trust. Trust in business is like gold. Guard it and treasure it. The more trust you can develop with your customers through the right data at the right time, the better your future sales will be.
  2. Better collaboration: If your company suffers from a silo mentality, a CRM software solution can help break down even the thickest silo walls. CRM systems foster collaboration because everyone’s activities are transparent, visible, and accessible. You can see at a glance the information that you need. Guarding such information is no longer viable, nor does it serve any purpose. CRM systems help break down silos and foster collaboration among departments.
  3. Mobile order taking: Cloud-based or web-based CRM software solutions enable anyone with authorization to access the system from the office or from their mobile devices. This helps with mobile order taking. As your field sales team visits customers on site, they can take orders more quickly and efficiently. Not only will this increase your sales, but the immediate data flowing back to your office helps keep sales projects up to date and accurate. You can see at a glance what’s selling and to whom.

Emerald TC Has Sage CRM and Acumatica Solutions

Would you like to receive the full benefits of a CRM system integrated with your ERP? We can help. Contact Emerald TC to take the next step toward integrating CRM and ERP.

When you are using Sage 100 or Sage 500 has your enterprise software, Sage CRM is a great integrated solution. Over 15,000 organizations around the world using Sage CRM to improve their customer interactions. To learn more about using Sage CRM to boost customer satisfaction, download our free whitepaper, The Future of Customer Relationship Management.

If you would like to have a true cloud-based ERP integrated with CRM, we also offer Acumatica solutions.

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