Acumatica Business Intelligence: Making BI Accessible to All

Acumatica business intelligence is part of what’s been dubbed the “democratization of business intelligence.” Once the sole domain of statisticians, business intelligence is now accessible to all, thanks to ERP systems such as Acumatica.

Acumatica Power BI offers extensive resources so that all businesses can put powerful business intelligence tools to work. With BI, your company can view numerous levels of data in various ways. Data visualizations make it easier for all in your company to understand reports. And, thanks to Acumatica’s ability to connect with other systems, you can tap into vast data resources like never before and use them efficiently.

Let’s look at five ways in which Acumatica business intelligence makes BI accessible to all.

5 Ways Acumatica Business Intelligence Makes BI Accessible

Business intelligence has come a long way since the term was coined in the 1950s. Now, resources like Acumatica ERP transform the landscape. Business intelligence is no longer simply nice to have—it’s a must-have for companies serious about growth.

With the right tools on hand, instead of relying on statisticians and data analytics professionals, anyone in your organization can access and use business data. Acumatica makes business intelligence accessible to all thanks to:

  1. Simplified access: With the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger, Acumatica presents detailed information about your business. Whether it’s cash flow or inventory levels, you’ll see real-time data in ways that make it easy to understand.
  2. Data visualizations: Data visualizations transform raw data into graphical forms. Bar charts, line graphs, and pie charts enable managers to see at a glance how their division is performing.
  3. Easy drill-down: Tap on a point on a graph and drill down deeper into the data. Instead of having to run numerous reports, layers of data are available in seconds.
  4. Connected applications: Acumatica builds its resources so that each system connects easily with others. Whether you need CRM data integrated with warehouse data or some other combination, Acumatica makes it possible for all sizes of businesses to tap into the rich wealth of data they collect.
  5. Constant improvements: Another benefit of Acumatica business intelligence is the company’s approach to software innovation. Acumatica constantly scans its customer base, actively seeking feedback. The company makes improvements accordingly and rolls out updates at least twice a year. This level of customer-generated feature additions means Acumatica is truly a system that works for the average business owner’s many needs.

Acumatica BI Comes With Extensive Reporting Features

Some BI systems offer a scant handful of reports, which then must be customized to meet the user’s need. Acumatica customers start with 250—or more—reports, which can be customized to their unique needs. With such a robust report base to begin with, it is unlikely you will need custom programming. But even if you do, your team at Emerald TC can work with you to adjust any report in order to meet your needs.

More Data, Easier to Use

It’s astonishing to think of the amount of data flowing through the average company today. Even the smallest business has data from accounting, operations, and marketing. Such data makes it easier to make smart decisions.

Collecting and using that data to improve productivity, increase revenues, and decrease expenses is easier now, thanks to tools like Acumatica business intelligence.

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