Acumatica Commerce Edition Makes E-Commerce a Breeze

Companies running Acumatica Commerce Edition as their ERP software were in a much better position to handle the challenges of this year than those who chose other software. That’s because Acumatica Commerce Edition has e-commerce functionality built into the system, and without e-commerce, many brick and mortar retailers were forced to shut down.

By 2021, global e-commerce sales are expected to surpass $4.9 trillion. Shoppers were already growing accustomed to purchasing goods online and finding precisely what they desired among a plethora of websites. The global pandemic has pushed anyone reluctant to shop online to do so to avoid crowded stores. The result is an e-commerce boon the likes of which the world has never seen.

Acumatica Commerce Edition: Five Features Online Retailers Love

Acumatica Commerce Edition offers many helpful features. These five, however, are tops among online retailers and make Acumatica Commerce a popular choice for those managing e-commerce solutions.

  1. Compatible with popular shopping platforms: Acumatica easily integrates with many popular shopping platforms, including BigCommerce, Shopify, and many others. If the platform you’re using isn’t listed in the Acumatica Marketplace, chances are still good that you can connect Acumatica to it. The company offers an open API structure that encourages the development of third-party products.
  2. Native support for customer-specific pricing: Acumatica can handle best customer discounts or unique pricing by customer category, and similar customer-specific pricing.
  3. Integration with other Acumatica platforms: Acumatica Commerce Edition integrates with Acumatica Cloud ERP, the company’s robust finance and accounting tool, as well as with the entire suite of Acumatica products. Manage your inventory, operations, and finances from a single sign-in dashboard and get a comprehensive and complete picture of your entire business in one system.
  4. Available on the device of your choice: Because Acumatica is platform agnostic and cloud-hosted, you can view and use it on the device of your choice. There’s no need to make expensive hardware purchases to ensure everyone at your company can use it. If they have an internet connection, Acumatica Commerce Edition works.
  5. True omnichannel solution: Customers rave about how Acumatica Commerce Edition streamlines communication from the front web storefront to the back office so orders, fulfillment, and shipping can be handled easily and efficiently.

These features only scratch the surface of what Acumatica Commerce Edition offers. But they do give you a great picture of the reasons why so many retailers are switching to Acumatica from other ERP systems.

Other Reasons to Add E-Commerce to Your Business

Some businesses who are committed to their current business model may shrug and say, “Great, but we’re doing fine. Why should we add an e-commerce solution to our business?”

It’s not just the pandemic that is forcing customers to shop differently. Here are more reasons why shifting some or all of your sales online is critical to success:

  1. Customers expect to shop online: So many businesses have moved their storefronts online that all companies must now have some sort of online presence. Why not take advantage of that to add products for sale?
  2. Opens up new markets: There’s a reason why it’s called the world-wide web—it opens up your sales to the entire world instead of being constrained by geography. With more shipping options available for all types of goods, no matter what you sell, it can be sold online.
  3. Easier to sell online: Businesses which sell custom goods or unique, one-of-a-kind items often balk at setting up an online storefront. They claim they cannot sell online because their items are unique. Digital photography makes it easy to add individual pictures to online listings today. A good e-commerce platform also enables quick changes that nearly anyone can do, such as updating product descriptions. Managing inventory can be tricky when you have 1,000 individual SKUs and cannot have backorders. However, with Acumatica Commerce Edition, you can manage inventory with ease.

Let’s face it: e-commerce isn’t the future. It’s what businesses need to do now to thrive. Adding e-commerce to your marketing and sales channels doesn’t have to be difficult. We can help make the integration easy with Acumatica Commerce Edition. For more information, contact Emerald TC at 678-456-6919.

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