Acumatica Customization Creates the Right Platform to Support Your Business

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Acumatica makes customization easy thanks to their willingness to open their platform to third-party developers. You can find multiple products within the Acumatica platform tailor made for specific industries: construction, manufacturing, distribution, and more. Moving beyond the Acumatica ecosystem, you’ll find third-party apps and products that easily connect with your base Acumatica ERP to create exactly the platform you need to support your unique business. Here’s a list of major categories of extensions that can enhance operations, finance, accounting, and more.

Acumatica Customizations to Enhance Finance, Accounting, and Cash Flow Management

As a robust ERP system, Acumatica already offers many automations and more within the platform to manage your money. However, finance extensions offer additional ways to improve financial management through Acumatica.

  • Project accounting: Do you use project-based accounting methods? Construction and similar industries often need project-based accounting that can track labor, equipment, and materials costs by project or job. Acumatica Project Accounting provides accurate tracking of all related costs by project.
  • Fixed Asset Management: Manage all your fixed assets in one platform. With Acumatica, you will have complete visibility and can track and monitor them, maintain depreciation schedules, and calculate depreciation within this handy module.
  • Bank feed software: Acumatica connects directly through APIs with banks worldwide to ensure compliance with regulations. With over 14,000 banks worldwide, each with its own set of regulations (and country regulations), managing them individually can be a challenging, but Acumatica makes it easy through its bank feed extension.
  • Payroll management: Companies often struggle with payroll management. It can be time-consuming, especially if you have employees in multiple locations. Each state and nation have its own taxation and reporting requirements. Acumatica’s payroll management module enables easy setup and management of all payroll functions. The system provides methods to set up employee classes, update tax rates, track overtime and benefits, and much more.

Acumatica CRM: Customer Relationship Management Made Easy

There’s no need to purchase an expensive secondary CRM solution. Acumatica CRM offers a simpler way to add marketing and customer relationship management functions to your system. With the increasing number of communication channels available to customers—email, social media messages, texting, and more—a single source of truth is essential to provide good customer service and consistent communications.

Gmail and Outlook Integrations via Acumatica

Outlook and Gmail are two of the most popular email systems. Acumatica’s integrations enable you to use these familiar communication platforms through Acumatica ERP, ensuring that staff have the tools they need to update customers, send invoices, and more.

Acumatica Customization Includes Reporting and Analytics

Sharing Acumatica customizations wouldn’t be complete without mentioning reporting and analytics. Acumatica itself offers an excellent suite of reporting tools, but if you need more types of reports or need to prepare different reports from what is included in the base ERP, there’s an extension and integration tool that can help.

Velixo reporting, planning, and analysis is an Excel integration tool that allows you to easily pull data from Acumatica into Excel. It’s a great add-on if you’re comfortable creating graphs and charts in Excel.

A second Acumatica customization is an integration with DataSelf. This platform provides deep analytical insights and a big-picture view of the data. Use it for trend analysis, predictive forecasting, and cross module analysis. The included library and toolkit make it easy to build reports and create the business intelligence tools you need.

Acumatica: A System That Grows with Your Business

Businesses grow and change over time, and as they do, they often need additional tools and resources. Acumatica customization offers an easy way to expand the Acumatica ERP platform. It makes it possible to add capabilities beyond the basic ERP, including additional financial management tools, CRM, and analytics platforms to accommodate many needs. There’s a great reason why Acumatica is such a popular ERP. It is built for the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, and with its customizations, extensions, and integrations, can accommodate your business through much of its growth phase.

To learn more about Acumatica, visit Emerald TC or contact us about extensions or switching to Acumatica ERP.

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