Acumatica ERP for Small Business – SaaS for the Win

Acumatica ERP offers small business SaaS with a winning combination of cloud-based service and features that support company-wide growth. It runs anywhere, anytime, over the internet, and enables instant updates, easy communications, and excellent reporting.

Software as a Service – And a Platform

Acumatica ERP is part of a new category of software dubbed the “platform-itization” of software. It’s the evolution one step further away from SaaS—software as a service.

If you think back over the years you’ve been in business, you can probably recall the days when software came in a box of disks. You carefully loaded each disk onto the computer running the program. Data stored on computer 1, however, couldn’t interact with the data stored on computer 2 unless the computers were networked.

Now, however, cloud-based software enables instant access. There’s no cumbersome setup. If you can log into a website, you can handle Acumatica ERP. You don’t even need to update the software; your host provider will update it automatically.

Emerging Technologies of Note

Now we are seeing the platform-itization of emerging technologies. This is the next step in the evolution of, cloud-provided services. Many companies are testing the latest technologies using cloud-based packages. Some of the technologies you may see platform-itized include Blockchain, VR, microservices, augmented analytics, IoT, AI, and more.

Why Is Platform-itization Important?

So, what does all this mean for business? Other than the, “Wow, that’s interesting” factor, how can your business benefit from all these advances?

Let’s use one example: blockchain. Blockchain, you may remember, is an immutable, public, and highly secure method of keeping records of transactions. It’s the system undergirding cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), and it’s being used in businesses as diverse as real estate and media to secure records.

If your business could benefit from blockchain, then blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) on a platform similar to your ERP could help you utilize it without hiring additional blockchain programming experts.

Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) means that an external service provider has set up all the required blockchain technology and infrastructure for a customer for a specified fee. This fee ensures that the BaaS provider will set up and maintain blockchain connected nodes on the customer’s behalf, handling the complicated back-end, so the customer doesn’t have to.

BaaS may, in the long, run, offer small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to explore various blockchain solutions and develop new blockchain-based products. It’s a way to outsource technically complex work without incurring high costs.

The “as a service” model or “aaS” enables the rapid innovation, configuration, design, and integration of smart products with enterprise-grade systems and applications. This reduces the product manufacturer’s go-to-market cycle and increases the speed at which they innovate. Small businesses can then focus on delivering the best smart products and staying ahead of the competition

Preparing for aaS Platforms

Cloud computing is becoming less of a novelty and more of a trustworthy standard for businesses worldwide. Like the other emerging aaS services, even ERPs come as SaaS, software as a service. Using ERP SaaS, businesses are set up in the sweet spot to modernize and advance their solutions without needing the heavy technology—and without needing to add headcount to run it.

Prepare for aaS platforms by adding a cloud-based SaaS to your services today. Acumatica ERP offers an excellent choice for companies ready to embrace an enterprise resource planning system with plenty of room to grow.

Emerald TC

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