Acumatica ERP Offers Cloud Computing for Mid-Sized Manufacturers: Benefit from It Today

Did you know that over 90% of global manufacturers use some form of cloud computing?

Acumatica ERP offers companies the ability to control their business processes. By improving data availability and accuracy, you’ll gain insights, control, and information from Acumatica’s robust cloud-based ERP system to propel business growth and fuel development.

Emerald TC offers Acumatica ERP and can help mid-sized businesses choose the right package for their needs. For more information, contact us at 678-456-6919.

Manufacturers Respond to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a necessity for today’s small to mid-sized businesses. Manufacturers, especially, benefit from cloud’s agile, accessible framework. It enables businesses to scale up or down, according to need, without adding hardware to their offices.

A 2015 IDC study that surveyed 600 companies from 17 countries indicated that 66% of manufacturers were using public cloud systems while 68% used a private cloud (the study indicated that some overlap, with companies using both public/private cloud hybrids).

Cloud computing and software such as Acumatica ERP impacts many areas of manufacturing. Acumatica ERP offers accounting and financial management with data, reports, and insight that used to be limited to expensive and proprietary databases. Business intelligence systems can transform forecasting and reporting while CRM systems offer unique and innovative methods of communicating with customers.

A Closer Look at Cloud Computing

There are many myths about what the cloud actually is and what it does. Let’s explore five key points about cloud systems to ensure a shared understanding of what it does for your business.

Cloud computing offers:

  1. On-demand systems – cloud computing is available on demand, 24/7, through internet access.
  2. Pooled service – instead of one company purchasing software for its own use, resources are pooled. Multiple companies can share server space, software, and more for maximum cost-effectiveness.
  3. Infinite scalability – you can expand cloud services in an almost infinitely scalable manner. From giant, intricate, global computing networks to a small manufacturer’s cloud computing needs, the cloud expands according to what you need.
  4. Measured usage – cloud services are measured and billed according to a prescribed payment system.
  5. Broad network access – the service is accessible to many people.

The cloud’s flexible, scalable nature, as well as its portability, make it especially appealing to manufacturers. ERP software was once the sole purview of large companies who could fund and support massive hardware needed to run it. Now, the cloud makes such systems within reach of almost any size manufacturer. Niche industries, small-scale producers, and those seeking to grow into new geographic areas can all use cloud ERP to support business systems without the need to install new hardware and hire staff to support it.

Using Cloud Systems in Manufacturing

Manufacturers use cloud technology for a variety of functions. They track equipment, vehicles, pallets, and shipments through the Internet of Things; manage supply chain resources effectively, and integrate back and front-end systems into one dashboard for better operational control.

Digital services such as cloud computing now provide approximately 25% of the total inputs that go into the manufacturing of finished products. Thanks to cloud computing, manufacturing operations are safer, more productive, efficient, and better able to keep pace with supply and demand.

Acumatica ERP from Emerald TC

Emerald TC offers basic Acumatica ERP, plus additional cloud ERP suites, for various business needs. Talk to us today about what you need to grow and support your manufacturing business. We can help you choose from among Acumatica’s additional suites, including financial management, distribution management, customer management suite, and project accounting. Call us today at 678-456-6919 for more information.

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