Acumatica WMS to Manage and Control Inventory

Acumatica WMS offers a powerful method to manage and control inventory. Acumatica WMS provides information on all aspects of inventory management and control. Check order status, stock status, inventory levels, and more through Acumatica cloud ERP’s powerful software.

Missed Opportunities Found With Acumatica WMS

With 43% of small businesses in the United States still relying on paper and pencil or spreadsheet methods of tracking inventory, they’re missing a huge opportunity to improve inventory control and warehouse management. Another report from Motorola states that 26% of people view their warehouse management as an opportunity for profit.

All are missing out on an excellent opportunity to use their warehouse as a source of potential profit. By improving warehouse management, companies can realize these nine benefits:

  1. Save on inventory costs: Proper warehouse management ensures that stock is tracked with accuracy. It reduces over-ordering inventory that ties up capital without profit.
  2. Reduces stress: Warehouse management systems can also be used to set up warehouse systems that minimize the steps it takes to pick and pack. This improves the number of orders that can be filled daily and reduces stress on workers, which in turn reduces turnover.
  3. Improves customer satisfaction: Good warehouse management practices improve stock availability, which in turn leads to more orders fulfilled faster.
  4. Enables just-in-time inventory: No more ordering in advance then waiting to see if something sells. The right warehouse management system can allow you to use just in time inventory methods that help you order exactly what you need when you have orders ready to go, not in advance.
  5. Better security: Many warehouse management systems require employees to use a specific number before entering information into accounts. This enables you to track mistakes or shrinkage back to individuals rather than spending valuable time hunting for information. Each item is recorded to the person who handled the transaction.
  6. Enhances job satisfaction: Reviewing the data from your warehouse management system enables you to spot which employee is the most productive. You can then move people into positions where their talents can be maximized. When people feel they are contributing to the company, their job satisfaction increases. This can reduce employee turnover, too.
  7. Continuous improvement: Data from your Acumatica WMS enables you to pinpoint areas of weakness or potential problems. You can then use data to improve operations, fix issues, or plan training.
  8. Reduces or eliminates silos: Data silos are areas in the company where data is kept in one system but not shared with others. That often happens with warehouse data, primarily if it’s spread across multiple locations. Acumatica WMS can integrate the data so it’s all in one place and eliminate those data silos.
  9. Improves accounting: As with eliminating data silos, data flowing through cloud-based systems such as Acumatica provide a comprehensive picture of a company’s resources. This includes the value of inventory through a warehouse management system. By ensuring that all warehouses are connected, information on available stock and its valuation can be calculated throughout the company. There’s no waiting for manual inventory counts or spreadsheets to be emailed to the accounting department then tallied with other departments. Instead, it appears within Acumatica and can be exported through reports.

Your warehouse accounts for a big chunk of operating costs. It’s not just the goods stored in the warehouse that represent lines on the balance sheet. The buildings, insurance, electricity, and staff managing the warehouse also cost money. By managing your warehouse more efficiently using Acumatica WMS, you’ll manage your whole operation better and save money. Better still, improved order fulfillment and faster shipping enhance customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat orders and higher revenues. Adding WMS software is a win-win for most companies.

To learn more about Acumatica cloud ERP and Acumatica WMS, contact Emerald TC: 678-456-6919.

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