Acumatica’s True Cloud ERP Helps Your Business Overcome Challenges with Ease

Acumatica true cloud ERP can help your business overcome the many challenges that manufacturers face daily. Rising costs of raw materials, shipping, and other inputs, as well as competition from emerging markets,  has given rise to a new set of challenges for the 21st century. With Acumatica’s true cloud ERP, you’ll have the data that you need to improve your business. Here’s how cloud technology can help you build a bigger, better manufacturing business.

Faster Product Development Cycles

Product development is often the responsibility of the market department or a dedicated product development team. Those teams do not operate in isolation. They must receive inputs from sales, operations, and other departments who regularly interface with customers. Such departments can offer insights into what customers want and need in new products, leading to improvements and innovations that can keep your company at the head of the competition.

It can be difficult, however, to share information freely within a large company. Customer feedback shared at a sales meeting can be quickly forgotten if it’s not recorded and shared. Customer service complaints can be resolved and filed before anyone from marketing has seen them.

Such a situation can be rectified with shared ERP software. True cloud-based ERP such as Acumatica offers an easy method by which everyone can access and benefit from customer feedback. The resulting improvements lead to faster and better innovation.

Other areas benefit from faster communications, too. According to an article on Forbes, one manufacturer avoided an allocation issue because of the speed with which information was shared during a product launch cycle. This is made possible through cloud technology, which uses internet-based services to share information in real-time.

Cloud technology can also shorten the time to market for many products. With faster communications, improvements can be made to products prior to launch. Any problems can be corrected quickly.

Lastly, field tests can be conducted with clients using new products, and feedback entered immediately from test locations. Feedback shared on Wednesday may become part of a product by Friday thanks to the rapid sharing of information via cloud-based systems.

Sales Departments

Sales teams have always relied upon good communications to improve performance. Recording data on sales calls, sharing information among the teams supporting sales and receiving new product information quickly all benefit the sales department.

Cloud technology, with its swift real-time synchronization of data, ensures that the sales department is never left out of the communications loop. Because cloud ERP systems such as Acumatica can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, or any other computer with an internet connection, even a salesperson who spends a great deal of time on the road or visiting with customers can feel connected to the office and part of the team.

Marketing Departments

Marketing departments benefit from cloud technology through easier access to customer information, faster product development inputs, and better customer support. Cloud-based CRM modules enhance the marketing department’s ability to conduct both inbound and outbound campaigns.

Acumatica, True Cloud ERP

Acumatica features true cloud ERP that offers manufacturers many benefits. It is cost effective, flexible, and easy to use. Mid-size manufacturing firms love its ability to scale up and grow their business. Integrated accounting, finance, distribution, project management, and customer management modules put the power of several systems into one system that you can begin using quickly. Its intuitive design means shorter ramp-up time for you and your team and faster use of your new system.

 Emerald TC

Acumatica true cloud ERP is just one of the many services offered by Emerald TC. Our experienced team of certified consultants, master developers, and CPAs provides you with a comprehensive team of experts to help you choose and implement the best solution for your business. We are here to help you build and grow your business. Contact us.

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