Altec Helps Companies Live the Digital Age and Create a “True” Paperless Workplace!

Altec DocLink document management system is changing how businesses manage their paperwork. Actually, we ought to call it “digital work” now because so much of what was once casually printed or photocopied is now managed digitally.

What? You mean that your office isn’t paperless—yet? You can’t even imagine going paperless?

If you’re still printing reams of documents, here are a few facts you should know. Printing is often the third highest expense for a business after payroll and taxes. Ink, toner, and paper all add up. Plus you have to have file cabinets, file folders, and the space to store all those printed documents.

Think about that for a minute and let the cost of printing sink in … really sink in.

What if you could save that just by adding document storage to your cloud ERP system? What then?

It’s possible. It’s here. It’s Altec document management, and it’s available from Emerald TC to bring your office into the paperless—aka, digital—age.

What Can Altec Document Management Do for You?

Document management software such as Altec helps your company in many ways, including:

  1. Cost savings:Reduces paper and printing costs (toner, ink). Reduces or eliminates paper storage costs including files, file cabinets and space, even offsite document storage warehouses and centers for physical documents.
  2. Time savings: streamlined processes, significantly decreasing approval cycles, simplified audits, and instant document retrieval
  3. Process improvements:instantaneous reporting and auditing capabilities, and workflow automation

As a company, Altec focuses on one area of expertise—document management. It’s their mission in life to see companies move from paper-based to paperless! As a result, they have built their basic product and added expansion packs to make document management across your company easier and better. For example, in addition to Altec DocLink for office-based documents, Altec recently launched DocLink 3.2.1, an expansion pack that significantly improves web experiences. Ask your Emerald TC consultant about it.

Other features of Altec DocLink document management include:

  • Automatically capture and index documents with OCR, Barcode, XML import and ERM.
  • Securely view, retrieve, annotate, print, fax, email, and archive documents.
  • Easily connect with remote locations for data exchange.
  • Configure the workflow to match approval process steps.
  • Quickly audit and match invoices with purchase orders, receiving documents, and packing slips for instant reconciliation.
  • Allow vendors to fax or email documents directly to doc-link.
  • Access vendor and GL account codes without going through the accounting system.
  • Recall invoices by account charged within a date range.
  • Automatically distribute documents to recipients based on their personal preferences.
  • Create templates to isolate and communicate necessary data.
  • Export documents to various formats (XML, HTML, PDF, TIFF, CSV, EDI, etc.)
  • Access documents with fully protected, role-based security.
  • Track all actions taken with a document.

Altec DocLink is an inexpensive solution to your document management problems. It can help you whether you have 10 employees or 100.

If you’re ready to move from the paper age to the digital age, we’re behind you. We’ve seen the many benefits customers receive from switching to improved document storage systems. With Altec, you’ll save time and money, a benefit in anyone’s book … or e-book?

Transform your company and enter the digital age. Let’s talk about Altec DocLink document management!

Emerald TC

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