Building a Growth Strategy Around Ecommerce ERP

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Did you know that your ecommerce ERP system can be used to build out your company’s growth strategy? ERPs provide a powerful platform which can be leveraged in many ways. Here, we explore how ecommerce companies can use their ERPs to enhance revenue growth.

Improve Inventory Accuracy

An ecommerce ERP platform can be used to improve inventory accuracy. Maintaining an accurate inventory count is vital for your ecommerce business. It ensures you can fill orders promptly and reduces out-of-stock complaints.

When an ERP platform is connected to a warehouse management system, inventory counts move seamlessly into the ERP system. The use of digital barcode scanners, some of which can be loaded as software onto a smartphone or table, also improve inventory accuracy by reducing count mistakes.

Removing Manual Data Entry Tasks

If you are currently using spreadsheets to monitor sales, track customer orders, and manage inventory, your information is likely filled with mistakes. That’s because anything involving manual data entry leaves room for human error.

An ecommerce ERP platform reduces manual data entry tasks and thus reduces mistakes entered into the system. Many steps in manual data entry are removed through the automation of the ERP system. This leads to cleaner data and less time spent fixing errors. More importantly, it improves data quality which leads to be better decision making because the data itself is now accurate.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Integrating an ERP ecommerce platform with other systems in your company can improve front and back-office visibility and enhance the overall customer experience. An integrated ERP system offers improved data visibility and the chance to add enhancements to your customer portals that can increase customer satisfaction. For example, adding a view into the order system may help customers track and monitor orders in your system. Or perhaps adding a change management feature can enable customers to add to existing orders easily if they are in process.

Improving Order Processing Efficiency

The speed with which you can move orders from the initial order receipt to shipping often determines how satisfied customers are with your company. If your company is slow collecting orders; processing payments; and picking, packing, and shipping, you may lose customers to competitors who can process orders efficiently.

An ecommerce ERP platform helps improve order processing efficiency by aligning and integrating ecommerce platforms with the ERP system itself. Orders can move seamlessly from your website or digital sales portal through the system, with credit card payments processed and entered into the ERP as part of the workflow. Monitoring how quickly your warehouse team picks, packs, and ships by using ERP data can also be an important step toward improving efficiencies.

Want Some Ideas for How to Use ERP Ecommerce Profitably?

We’ve worked with many ecommerce businesses to help them choose, implement, and use their ERP systems to improve efficiencies. Visit our success stories area on the website to read case histories of other companies who have successfully used ERP ecommerce platforms for growth.

A few stories we think you might enjoy include:

  • K9 Ray Allen, a manufacturer who successfully used Acumatica EPR to improve customer service
  • Tayse Rugs, who were able to streamline EDI with ERP implementation
  • Lodge Cast Iron, which used Sage ERP to create a single view and support rapid company growth

The right ecommerce ERP system can help you improve service, manage customer interactions, enhance data visibility, and reduce mistakes. Explore ERP solutions today.

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