Change Your Recruitment Strategy to Hire Top Talent

Sage Recruiting System Provides Tools for Successful Talent Acquisition

Recruiting top talent has become more difficult than ever as the labor market tightens. In fact, in a PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Global CEO Survey, 72% of CEOs identified a shortage of skilled labor a significant business threat, up from 46% seven years earlier. To address this threat, businesses need to change recruitment strategies and processes.

Some companies are intensifying their recruiting efforts. Others are enhancing compensation or expanding benefits programs. But, none of these strategies can overcome a poor talent acquisition process. Many organizations—especially small and mid-sized companies—rely on outdated technologies, or are still using paper, email, and spreadsheets to support their talent acquisition process. Many fail to have a clear and full understanding of the process itself. Don’t fall victim to these all-too-common talent acquisition traps! Read more.

It takes considerable time and effort to find and recruit top talent. An open vacancy can cost your company thousands in lost productivity and revenue, yet hiring mistakes can be even more costly and frustrating too. Changing your recruitment strategy and using tools such as Cyber Recruiter to manage the process can shorten the time it takes to find, interview, and hire the right person for the job.

Here are three tips to improve your recruiting efforts.

Improve Your Job Descriptions

The first task when faced with a hiring project isn’t to place a help-wanted ad, but to review the current job description for the open position. That’s because the job description often drives the text for the wanted ad. It is also the rubric by which managers and human resources personnel measure potential candidates.

Tools such as Cyber Recruiter can help you manage the documentation behind your human resources needs, including job descriptions. Talk to the outgoing person who most recently filled the job to understand what aspects of the job description needs to be updated. You may find that some aspects of the job have been shifted to another employee, for example, or that the number of reports associated with a position has changed over time.

Use Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrases drive the internet. If you’ve ever wondered how Google, Yahoo!, or Bing quickly matches your queries to relevant web pages, it’s because keyword phrases are the shortcuts by which these search engines bookmark relevant information and serve it to you upon request.

The same holds true for job sites. These sites also use powerful algorithms to match candidate resumes to appropriate help-wanted ads. If your ads aren’t updated with the most applicable and relevant keywords, you won’t receive resumes for the best applicants for the job.

Similarly, vague keywords will also return a flood of resumes that are poor matches for the job. Targeted keyword phrases, directly related to the core skills needed to fill the open position, are the best way of helping the computerized job systems match people to skills.

To find good keyword phrases for your job postings, brainstorm a list of words and phrases around the skills or qualities required for the job. The more specific you can get, the better the match will be with potential applicants. You can also test keyword phrases for short periods of time and update them to focus on the best-performing ones for your job postings.

Identify Reasons for High Turnover

It’s also a good idea to map position vacancies to derive a picture of turnover in specific departments. You may wish to observe whether there’s an especially high turnover rate in certain departments, which can mean many things. It can mean that something is amiss among the management and that people “burn out” quickly in that department. It can also point to problems in the hiring process where poorly qualified applicants are hired for positions. Such people may find themselves struggling to succeed in their jobs and quit out of frustration. Both are human resource problems that can be identified using data, as well as from observations and analysis.

Human Resource Software and More

Talent acquisition systems, including Cyber Recruiter, can help you find and hire top talent. Emerald TC can help you choose the best systems for your business to run smoothly and effectively. Contact us or call 678-456-6919.

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