Cloud Manufacturing Software Reduces Risk of Disruption

Cloud manufacturing software has helped many manufacturers remain open and productive during the pandemic. Companies that did not have cloud manufacturing software in place faced significant disruption.

Even before state and local governments issued stay-at-home orders and businesses scrambled to find ways to enable workers to telecommute, experts were saying manufacturers were at risk for disruption. Consider the ongoing volatility in costs and policy decisions. According to Deloitte, job availability dropped from 22,000 jobs per month in 2018 to an average of only 6,000 jobs per month in 2019. At the same time, the market value was predicted to rise from $38.72B in 2018 to $111.9B by 2024.

With increasing pressure to optimize operations, digital transformation is an obvious choice. Adding computing has helped many manufactures overcome the challenges during the current crisis.

What Is Cloud Manufacturing Software?

Cloud manufacturing software enables companies to manage data storage and processes better. Cloud systems are accessed through the internet with the data hosted on shared, secure servers.

Another benefit of cloud manufacturing software systems is that they are typically easier and faster to roll-out than on-premises systems. Software is updated automatically, so companies using cloud systems do not need to invest in extensive IT support as with on-premises software. They are convenient, easy to use, and easy to transition to versus finding and implementing new site-based systems. With cloud manufacturing solutions, you can quickly discard older, outdated systems.

Cloud Computing for Sustained Growth

Although migrating to cloud manufacturing software may seem like solely an IT function, it’s a decision best made in consultation with several departments within your company. Cloud computing affects everyone from the accounting department to the marketing and service areas. At its heart, cloud computing is also a business strategy.

Here’s how cloud manufacturing software changes your business for the better:

  • Improves quality. A cloud-based application puts quality at a higher company-wide value by tracking, analyzing, and reporting quality status by center and product. Quality strategies can be synchronized across departments and locations with real-time data.
  • Accelerated cycle times. Manufacturers gain greater insight into cycle times, enabling them to adjust for continuous improvement.
  • Insight into equipment effectiveness. Without reliable equipment, manufacturers have a tough time making production quotas. Cloud software can help you pinpoint equipment that needs replacement or maintenance and monitor maintenance schedules for optimum performance.
  • Improve supply chain visibility. Cloud software enables you to monitor the supply chain in real-time. You can catch problems before they become significant issues, monitor delivery times, and shift suppliers in the event of supply chain disruptions.
  • Enhance supply chain performance. Real-time insight into inventory and stock levels enables you to improve planning efficiency.
  • Add field support. Because cloud software is accessed through any internet connection, you can engage and communicate with field technicians, warehouse personnel, and everyone interacting on projects without requiring them to be in the same location.

Early adopters of cloud technology found they were better prepared to face the sudden upheavals in the workforce during the pandemic. Others may not have fared quite as well. If you’re thinking of updating your technology this year, cloud manufacturing software may be one of the smartest choices you can make for your business.

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