3 Common Business Problems Solved by ERP Software

No matter how capable and efficient your business is, it still faces several common problems. Almost all businesses face these problems. They’re the kind that start small and seem innocent enough until they grow big enough to garner attention. And they’re the kind of problems that ERP software such as Sage 100 and Acumatica can solve.

Problem 1: Poor Communications

Does your team scramble to find information before an important meeting? Are orders lost because the communications ball is dropped between departments? Is critical information locked into silos so that lack of response frustrates customers?

Frustrated customers, missed opportunities, and frantic searches for information are all signs that your company’s communications could benefit from improvement. Enterprise resource planning software, or ERP software for short, can help.

With ERP software, information from every department is centralized into one system that everyone can access. Instead of calling around the company to find out who has the quarterly sales figures, for example, employees can call them up from the system itself. Supply chain, inventory management, customer orders, and more can be centralized and viewed at a moment’s notice.

ERP software can solve the problem of poor communications.

Problem 2: Manual Data Entry

How much manual data entry occurs in your company now? Are invoices, estimates, proposals, and financial data manually typed into spreadsheets? If you want to run a report, does someone need to re-enter the information into a spreadsheet to generate graphs and charts?

Manual data entry is common but time consuming. It’s also prone to mistakes. Even the best typist makes mistakes now and then.

ERP software offers a “once and done” methodology that means you enter information once and it is shared throughout the entire system. A salesperson takes a customer order while visiting his client and enters it into the ERP software. That information seamlessly flows into the accounting and financial system, order entry system, and CRM system, updating throughout the company so that Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and Manufacturing or Operations all know exactly what is going on throughout the company. There is no need to re-type the order once the salesperson returns to the office. It’s all in the system, thanks to mobile ERP software.

ERP software can eliminate manual and duplicate data entry.

Problem 3: Stand-Alone Systems

The manufacturing department calls to tell you that they can’t produce an order because they lack critical supplies. A call down to the warehouse reports that you have three of five of the items needed to fill the order. Time to call the customer and ask if you can send a partial shipment, but who has the customer’s phone number and contact person? A text message is sent to the salesperson who is in his car two states away, driving to the airport. Several hours later, you have what you need, but the customer is fuming because they still don’t know how many they can get in time for a major project.

Sound familiar? Stand-alone systems keep information within specific systems. It cannot be accessed by people in other departments. The warehouse only knows what they have in stock from physical inventory counts and you have to call, email, or text them for updates. Sales owns the sales data, but what if marketing wants to send out a message to all customers? As you can see, disparate systems often lead to frustration.

Enter ERP software, which eliminates stand-alone systems and combines all necessary systems into one convenient software. With Sage 100, you can include CRM, warehouse management, and other modules that integrate easily into the ERP for a robust, comprehensive system. There’s no need to call around for information when it’s all at your fingertips. Even the salesperson driving his car two states away can pull over (hey, safety first!) and check his smartphone or tablet to find out when the order will ship to his customer. Cloud ERP can be accessed over the internet from any device, so a tablet or smartphone is all that’s needed to check information.

ERP software integrates multiple software into one dashboard, saving time, effort and money.

It’s Time for ERP Software and Sage 100 with Emerald TC

If these situations remind you of everyday occurrences at your business, it’s time to add ERP software to your system. Sage 100 offers a robust package of accounting, financial management, and other tools for a busy manufacturing or other business.

Emerald TC can help you choose between Sage 100 ERP and Acumatica to meet your business needs. Our experienced team of certified consultants, master developers, and CPAs provides you with a comprehensive team of experts for advice, solutions, and suggestions. We are here to help you build and grow your business. Contact us or call 678-456-6919.

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