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Distribution Accounting Software Enhances Successful Warehouse Management

Distribution accounting software can help you manage your supply chain and warehouse more effectively. Warehouse inventory management software improves the accuracy and speed with which you can assess, manage, and maintain your inventory. Without it, you run the risk of slow order fulfillment and expensive and unnecessary re-orders. With the right warehouse and distribution accounting software, you can keep just the right levels in stock to maintain speedy shipments.

Categorizing Your Inventory

How big is your warehouse? We’re not talking about square footage; we’re referring to the number of SKUs or inventory numbers in your catalog. Large inventories really do need distribution accounting software to maintain accuracy. Keeping spreadsheets of hundreds of items is difficult, but thousands? Almost impossible to keep that tally accurate.

Some warehouse managers prefer to use the selective inventory control method of “ABC classification.” This means that inventory parts are categorized according to their value and documentation requirements. For example, “A” items are the highest value items and need to be carefully controlled, while “C” items have minimal value and need only simple records.

Because every unique product has its own supply and demand pattern, you may not be able to take all SKUs the same way. SKU variability can also be managed through the “ABC classification” system. Regardless of the method, all inventory parts should be neatly categorized with clearly labeled selections.

Distribution Accounting Software and Warehouse Management Systems

Just as no supply chain is complete without a warehouse, no warehouse is complete without a user-friendly warehouse management system (WMS). The most basic WMS will have a flexible location system, user customized parameters for tasks, and built-in integration with data collection devices. A WMS will increase inventory accuracy and storage capacity while reducing cycle times and labor costs. A WMS program also typically offers excellent inventory scheduling options. You may also choose to use your WMS as an inventory optimization tool to automatically monitor and manage supply and demand variability.

Use Mobile Technology to Improve Warehouse Management Speed and Accuracy

Mobile technology is now integrated with many warehouse management systems, turning smartphones into handheld scanners. Scanco, a partner with Emerald TC, offers the ability to transform a tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device into a handheld scanner with a simple software app. This helps your teams learn to use them quickly and carry them easily throughout the warehouse. The improved accuracy of the warehouse data also helps you manage SKUs, reorders, and inventory better.

Upgrade the Shipping System

Proper inventory management depends on the ability of the warehouse system and employees to process and handle products and packages. Shipping systems that cannot cope with current number of products and packages should be upgraded. As a result, many product handling and packing warehouses prefer to upgrade their conveyor systems. This could involve mobile conveyor machines that offer flexibility and convenience. As an alternative, they could be an integrated system of strategically placed conveyor machines. Adding a conveyor machine is an excellent way to increase inventory management and overall warehouse efficiency.

Emerald TC for Distribution Accounting Software and More

If you’re ready to take the next step to improve your warehouse management and add distribution accounting software, contact Emerald TC. Our partnership with Scanco is just the beginning. Contact us or call 678-456-6919.

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