Document Management for Sage 100cloud Improves Operational Efficiency, Reduces Costs

It sounds like an impossible task: can Sage 100cloud improve operational efficiency and reduce costs? Yes, when it’s paired with software called DocLink from Altec providing document management for Sage. What is DocLink and how does it hit that sweet spot between improving efficiencies and saving money?

The Year of Going Paperless

This year may be the year for your company’s digital transformation. Perhaps you’ve already moved some software to the cloud or you’re using Sage 100. That’s fantastic and you are probably seeing the benefits already.

There are a few additional steps you can take to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. The “paperless” office, for example, does both, but many companies struggle to go truly paperless.

DocLink from Altec enables you to connect people, processes, and tasks paperlessly. It takes your digital transformation one step further by transforming all your paper-based documents into electronic files that can be sent anywhere, anytime, if you have an internet connection.

Improve Efficiency

DocLink improves efficiency by streamlining your processes. A typical process in many manufacturing companies is to send multiple documents along with a customer order. You may send a customer their original order, an invoice, a packing slip or bill of lading, and instructions along with their order. Other typical scenarios are that one or more papers aren’t included with the order, the envelope or plastic sleeve enclosing the papers opens during shipping, or customers lose the papers. Sound familiar?

With document management for Sage 100cloud, you can send all accompanying materials electronically. If you wish, you can still include a physical copy of the bill of lading or invoice with the shipment, but instructions, packing slips. and more can be emailed to the customers. This helps ensure that customers receive everything and that nothing is lost during shipping.

Another typical scenario where DocLink helps improve efficiency is when multiple signatures are needed on paperwork to authorize an order, return, or custom fabrication. You can set DocLink so that typical situations trigger an automatic forwarding of electronic “paperwork” to multiple people for signatures. No more time lost running around the warehouse, the plant, or the offices looking for people to sign off on items. Now they can be forwarded electronically to individuals no matter if they are at their desk, traveling on business, or checking on an item in the warehouse.

Save Money

It may sound like a trivial thing, but do you know how much your company spends on printer paper? How about duplicate forms?

With a box of printer paper going for $30 and up and carbon forms costing more every year, anything you can do to save on the cost of paper and printing is a good thing. Not to mention saving on ink and toner – that sets your company back a pretty penny each year.

DocLink enables you to truly “go paperless” and save money every day by eliminating excess printing and paper-based forms. The more you use DocLink, the more money—and time—you’ll save.

Integrates with Sage 100 ERP

Many manufacturers use Sage 100 or Sage 100cloud for excellent insight into all aspects of business, from accounting to operations. DocLink integrates seamlessly with Sage 100 ERP for greater financial control.

With integrated document management for Sage 100, you can process vendor invoices directly through DocLink. Match purchase orders, vendor invoices, and more directly from your desktop. It saves an incredible amount of time, plus issuing invoices directly from the desktop eliminates many steps and shortens the time it takes to send invoices and receive payments. That’s an improvement that everyone can applaud!

For more information on DocLink, speak with someone at Emerald TC today. Please contact us or call 678-456-6919 for more information.

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