Document Management Solutions Can Lead to Better Customer Service

Finding the financial benefit of document management is often pretty easy. By eliminating manual work, automation saves time and reduces data entry errors. But did you know that document management solutions can also improve customer service?

When your document management system is integrated with your ERP, you eliminate a pesky problem: lost or inaccessible data. Too often, customer data may be hard to find, locked away in a file cabinet or sitting in someone’s inbox. Even if you have customer information in a database, it may be hard to access if you are out of the office.

Document Management Solutions Break Through Silos

Integrated document management solutions break through silos. Whether it’s product silos or department silos, it creates walls that impede business. Breaking down business unit walls through shared data is a simple, yet highly effective method of improving your overall company performance.

Document management solutions offer a unique advantage to help departments cooperate. Because data flows into one central system, it becomes available to everyone. No one area can maintain control or power simply by refusing to share data, or by being slow to share it. Real-time data synchronization enables everyone to see what Department A has been producing and Department B has been selling!

Document Automation Speeds Up Your Response

Another important function of document management solutions is to help employees sort through reams of data quickly and efficiently. Instead of a slow paper process, data streams easily. Everyone can have access to that customer invoice or order at the same time. No matter where the inquiry occurs, employees can respond to a customer request quickly.

Documents are Available Anytime, Anywhere

Integrated document management solutions enable real-time data to be accessed from your document management repository, from your ERP or through your mobile device. Instant accessibility to any document makes your company more effective and responsive.

Improved responsiveness is a sure way to improve customer satisfaction and keep them coming back.

Learn more about Emerald TC’s document management solution, DocLink. by contacting us. With DocLink, you can search and retrieve any information securely and easily. DocLink integrates seamlessly with Sage 100 and Sage 500 ERP solutions.

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