Ease your Recall Nightmares With Sage 100 Barcoding Software

Recalls can be a nightmare and the last thing you want to happen is for your company to miss one. The amount of recalls from the FDA, consumer protection groups, automakers, and other manufacturers is growing and growing.  With over 64 million vehicles being recalled in a single year it’s nearly impossible to immediately reach out to the owners of a specific lot, make, or model.

This is where ONE Software Solution, a complete Sage 100 ERP and barcoding package, come in. They can eliminate some of the burden when your company is faced with a product recall.

Did you ever wonder what that little barcode was there for?  It’s more than just a pricing tool. Barcoding technology has been used to mark everything from small packages to automobiles, boats, and even jet aircraft parts. When barcodes are used, companies can use their databases to find owners and issue recall notices, potentially saving lives and property from untold damage.

Tracking by Lot Numbers and Serial Numbers 

Sage 100 barcoding software offers two unique advantages for those companies who may face product recalls in the future: tracking by lot numbers and serial numbers.

Lot numbers are used on many types of packaging, but especially on food packaging that is often the subject of a recall. When you can track items by lot numbers, recalls are efficiently managed. You can alert stores and consumers about potential lots that may be problematic and are subject to recall.

Tracking items by serial numbers is also useful when you are faced with a recall. Auto manufacturers often recall by serial numbers, and problematic parts may also be identified using serial numbers. Like lot numbers, they can mean the difference between life and death if a recall is serious enough.

Big Benefits from a Barcode 

In addition to helping you keep track of all those products in the unforeseen event of a recall, you also gain other benefits from using barcodes in your warehouse. Consider the following:

  1. Speedy data entry: The fastest typist in the world can’t compete with a computerized barcode scanner. Swipe it across the barcode and you’re done before the typist has finished typing the fourth digit in a nine-digit code. Barcodes make entering hundreds of products faster and easier.
  2. Reduces errors: That same typist, even on a good day, probably makes dozens of mistakes. A barcode scanner doesn’t make mistakes on its own. If it’s programmed correctly, it swipes accurately. Period.
  3. Easy implementation: Anyone can be taught how to use a barcode scanner. It’s a simple setup that takes only about 20 minutes to learn how to use. Your team can use barcodes easily with minimal training, and newcomers to your staff will also pick up the skill easily. It’s a great advantage over old, complicated, manual systems.
  4. Improved supply chain management: The accuracy that barcode scanners provide can help you improve supply chain management. Tighter supply chain management means cost savings, better order fulfillment, and improved cash flow. It’s a benefit for many aspects of your business.

Look No Further For the Right Sage 100 Barcoding Solution 

With Sage 100 barcoding software, you can also accurately record inventory, item numbers, lot numbers, and serial numbers. Having this much data at your fingertips makes your job that much easier. You will save time and money with the right barcode scanner software.

Let Emerald TC Help You Find the Right Barcoding Solution

If you want to put an end to your recall nightmares, let Emerald TC help you find the right barcoding solution. We will be happy to analyze where you are today and make a plan for taking the next steps toward integrating a barcoding solution into your warehouse. If you are looking for a complete package, we can provide ONE Software Solution. Whether you are using Sage 100, Sage 500, or Acumatica we can find a solution to integrate with your current ERP. Contact us today to get started.

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