Easier, Faster Sage 100 Business Intelligence

Companies promise “easier, faster and better” all the time, but with new advances in DataSelf Sage 100 business intelligence, this promise just became reality.

What is DataSelf? How does it improve business intelligence for small to mid-sized businesses?

DataSelf: Business Intelligence Software for Sage 100

Before going into details about DataSelf, it’s important to understand the term “business intelligence.” Business intelligence software is computer software that supports the strategic management and use of data within a company. To put it simply, business intelligence takes all the data created and collected by a company and makes it easier to understand, use, and draw conclusions from to improve business sales, operations, and efficiency.

BI takes things like graphs, reports, and charts and transforms them into meaningful information. The usual accounting software comes with the ability to run reports, but typically, you can only run very simple reports.

With the added capabilities of DataSelf, you can learn more from your existing data than you ever thought possible. In-depth data combined with thoughtful analysis can lead to improved KPIs, greater efficiencies, and creative sales and marketing programs, to name just a few. The added insights available from DataSelf Sage 100 business intelligence will astonish you.

Easier, Better Sage 100 Business Intelligence

The updated DataSelf for Sage 100 business intelligence combines the best features of older releases of DataSelf with newly added natural language searches. There are many ways to make business intelligence faster, better, and easier with DataSelf.

DataSelf is available for both mobile devices and desktop computers so, no matter where you work, you’ll be able to access this business intelligence tool for Sage 100. It’s easier, faster, and better business intelligence for companies serious about using data for growth and improvement.

Explore All Workbooks

One of the unique features of DataSelf is it shares reports that other companies have made for their needs via the dropdown Workbooks feature. Workbooks have all the preconfigured dashboards and reports other companies have found valuable. Simply click on the dropdown and choose “All Workbooks” to get started.

Many companies find this feature invaluable. It can save your company a great deal of time by enabling you to piggyback on what other companies have created. Why re-invent the wheel?

Even better, the reports available in the DataSelf dashboard are highly interactive. You can easily sort through them by going to the header and clicking the “sort” icon to find precisely what you need.

Natural Language Query

The ability to use natural language query is one important way in which DataSelf stands out from other business intelligence tools. Natural language queries enable users to type in any query using normal speech patterns and find precisely what they need in DataSelf. It’s similar to how search engines work, and how they’ve improved over the years, getting better and better at matching users’ queries to web pages.

In DataSelf, the natural language query function enables users to ask questions just as they would of a search engine to find the answers within the software. To use the natural language feature, go to the search bar and type NL. Then, click on “Data Sources that Have NL.” You’ll see the framework to allow you to come up with questions and it will provide reports with the answers. These reports give you a strong starting point to build instant reports for your needs.

Emerald TC

If you’re ready to learn more about Sage 100 business intelligence, we can help. Emerald TC provides software and consulting for manufacturing companies. We can help you choose the right ERP system for your needs and offer Acumatica and other software packages for every type and size manufacturing company. Contact us or call 678-456-6919 for more information.

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