ERP Manufacturing Trends for Sage 100 Users

Trends come and go, but for Sage 100 ERP users, there are certain trends in the world of manufacturing that companies would be wise to follow. ERP trends influence the dynamics within manufacturing, and those who embrace trends and changes may have a competitive edge on other companies.

Most ERP manufacturing trends relate to the use of technology to provide better business data. From the Internet of Things to the integration of data within Sage 100, these trends can enhance your business planning, operations, and marketing.

Trends Sage 100 Users Should Watch

  1. The Internet of Things: The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the use of microchips in objects to provide data. Manufacturers are using them to generate data on product usage, problems, travel time and location, and much more. The sheer volume of data generated by the IoT is staggering. With each bit of activity recorded, there needs to be a strong centralized repository for data storage, integration, and use. That repository is typically found in your company’s ERP system.Blending IoT data with ERP systems adds valuable information to the ERP big picture. For example, shipments of raw materials can be tagged with devices that report transportation time and current location. Manufacturers can then use this data to better plan production schedules and plant locations. With all of this data, an ERP system will eventually be essential for manufacturers to run efficient businesses.
  2. Big data analytics available to small companies: It used to be that only larger companies could afford to use big data analytics. Big data required big systems; enormous stacks of hardware, a large staff to run data reports, and an even larger IT staff for programming, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Cloud-based ERP systems such as Sage 100 and Acumatica make all that obsolete. Now your small company can have systems similar to those use by larger companies thanks to the power of the cloud. The cloud’s shared resources, security, and software enable software providers to harness economies of scale so that they can offer powerful software at a competitive price. You don’t need to a be a large company to access big data anymore.
  3. Wearable technology: You probably use or know someone who uses, wearable technology. Watches that synchronize with smartphones and provide email alerts enable users to communicate easily on the go. Wearable heart rate monitors, step counters, and distance trackers let fitness buffs and dieters make every activity count, and automatically send the data into systems accessible through smartphones and computers. These are common concepts in the world of wearable technology. But what about virtual reality? Virtual reality headsets and items such as Google Glasses provide new frontiers for business. Using VR headsets, engineers can design better products, testing them in virtual space for design failures. Manufacturing equipment in the future may come with VR training that helps workers use the machinery from the safety of a VR space, getting the hang of it without any wear and tear on the equipment itself and making ‘safe mistakes’ during the learning process. Virtual reality, Google glasses, and other forms of wearable technology may transform much of manufacturing in the future.

Cloud-based ERP has changed the face of business, providing access to enormous sums of data and information like never before. Manufacturers are only just starting to embrace and explore the potential of these technological innovations.

Software such as Sage 100 ERP offers manufacturers a powerful cloud-based system that helps them harness the power of big data and access information anywhere, anytime. With so many innovations on the horizon, cloud-based Sage 100 makes sense. Each update will enhance and help your company’s business processes, giving you first crack at any innovation rolled out via Sage 100.

Emerald TC: Sage 100 ERP for Manufacturers

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