ERP Trends that Will Impact Your Business

Like any field, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is growing and changing. Software such as Sage 100 ERP offers greater efficiencies, transparency into organizational data, and enhanced reporting. Used in industries such as distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries where accuracy and attention to detail are vital, Sage 100 offers real-time updates and exceptional transparency into your business.

Although new software systems are entering the market, Sage 100 ERP remains a good choice for many businesses, and for those who already have Sage 100, a great tool to continue using. Many ERP trends are influencing the market now and industries using ERP tools. These trends are important to watch since they may impact more than your Sage 100 ERP system.

ERP Trends Affecting Businesses

  1. Modular system demands: Standard ERP packages support accounting, finance, and related business needs. Many ERP systems, including Sage 100, take a modular approach. Like children’s blocks that can be stacked to make different shapes, modules for human resources, CRM, and other business needs can be “stacked” or interconnected to form customized systems. Modules that plug into each other are the way the ERP industry is headed.
  2. Cloud computing and ERP: Cloud-based ERP is now so standard that if you aren’t on the cloud, you probably will be soon since it offers so many advantages. You can access cloud ERP systems from anywhere, including mobile devices, and they automatically save both your program and data so that if you upgrade your hardware or need to add devices to your system you can do so quickly and efficiently.
  3. Mobile access: Companies with flexible work arrangements or who have staff that travel frequently, find mobile ERP a great benefit. Mobile access can also help you if you have offices or plants in different locations. Connecting through mobile ERP makes it easier to manage your entire business.
  4. Bring your own device (BYOD🙂 BYOD was once forbidden at many workplaces because it caused major headaches for the IT department. The software wasn’t always licensed or compatible with personal devices, for example. Now, with cloud-based ERP, BYOD is simple. Anytime you can access software and data over the internet, the equipment used to tap into the ERP system isn’t important. A smartphone, a laptop, or an employee’s tablet are equally capable of using an ERP system.
  5. Data for a competitive edge: Accessing, reporting, and using data has become increasingly important for strategic planning and direction-setting. The plethora of available data gives companies who can tap into it a competitive edge. Sage 100 ERP offers a wealth of data and reports that can help you obtain vital information and updates on your business. With this knowledge, you can chart a course for success. You can plan new products, new market introductions, customer outreach, and more, based on data.

The Future of “Intelligent” ERP

Automation, or “smart” ERP, is also on the move. Systems that use artificial intelligence and chatbots give users more powerful information and faster processing than before.

Linguistic recognition, document scanning and processing, voice recognition, and more are all making AI systems better and faster. They can process a great deal of data at lightning speed, including data from multiple sources. All of this is, in turn, translated into reports that you can use for sales, marketing, and business planning.

Although the mass rollout of such systems isn’t quite ready yet, intelligent ERP is somewhere in the future. For those using ERP systems now, you’re on the cusp of a grand adventure that may help you build a stronger, better business.

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