Exciting Acumatica Manufacturing Innovations

Acumatica manufacturing cloud ERP software offers a powerful software package for small to mid-size manufacturers. It scales with your company, enabling you to grow without the hassle of switching software vendors midstream. The open-source approach to coding also enables many third-party companies to build apps and extensions that add to Acumatica’s excellent base of enterprise resource planning features.

So how can you make a good thing even better? By adding the latest in voice recognition and search as well as machine learning to the software. New and emerging Acumatica manufacturing software innovations keep pace with changing technology and evolving customer expectations in ways we never thought possible.

Voice Recognition in Acumatica Manufacturing Software

Do you use voice recognition when driving to look up directions? Search your computer for files? Turn the lights on after your dog has gone out to the backyard one last time in the evening? If you do, you’re not alone.

2011 was a banner year for voice search, with Google launching its voice-enabled search and Apple introducing us to the ubiquitous Siri for iPhone users. Since then, the popularity of voice search has grown exponentially. Comscore predicts that in 2020, 50% (or more) searches online will be voice searches. Perhaps more importantly, Google recently discussed BERT, its technology that powers natural language processing and makes its voice search even more powerful.

As people grow more accustomed to speaking to Alexa, Siri, and a host of other voice-activated technologies in their homes, cars, and offices, it’s natural to extend that expectation to the workforce. Enter voice recognition in Acumatica manufacturing software. The company is building zero-touch voice activation so workers can use Acumatica to look up jobs, invoices, materials, and more.

In addition to voice recognition and search, Acumatica is also exploring augmented reality through Microsoft Hololens to push the boundaries of hands-free automation even further. There may come a day when a headset or a voice terminal is all you need to check on an order, queue up the next job on the factory floor, or speak with someone in receiving to check on supplies.

Intelligent Machine Learning

In addition to improvements in voice recognition and the potential for natural language recognition, intelligent machine learning is also on the workbench in the Acumatica manufacturing labs. The company is looking at machine learning as a possible way to make search, operations, support, and data entry more responsive and efficient and less intrusive in the work environment.

Machine learning enables computers to learn from either data inputs or repeated actions. A data entry clerk may find their screen more than halfway complete before finishing their input, and a customer support clerk may see frequently asked questions “learned” by the system pop onto the screen as soon as they begin a phone call with a customer. It’s an astounding time for software development when all sorts of innovations in one area of technology appear in tools such as manufacturing software.

Acumatica Manufacturing: Same Great Software, Only Better

Can you make a good thing even better? Yes, you can. As Acumatica manufacturing software proves, there’s room to turn something great into something excellent.

For more information on Acumatica manufacturing ERP software, contact Emerald TC today at 678-456-6919.

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