Extend Your Acumatica ERP with Business Intelligence and Analytics

Shortly after the Acumatica Summit, we listed some of the key add-on applications that have greatly extended Acumatica’s functionality. One of the most exciting capabilities shown at the Summit was Acumatica business intelligence and analytics through DataSelf. DataSelf’s data warehouse and BI analytics have been integrated into Acumatica’s ERP and CRM systems. In fact, DataSelf Analytics recently announced that it is Acumatica’s in-house business intelligence and data warehousing tool.

DataSelf Analytics Highlighted at Summit Keynote

A main highlight and honor for DataSelf from Acumatica Summit 2019 was their Day 1 Keynote presentation on DataSelf’s integration to Acumatica.

Jon Roskill, Acumatica’s CEO, gave an enthusiastic and outstanding keynote presentation on the DataSelf /Tableau / Acumatica integration and the available intuitive analytics by highlighting DataSelf’s ease of use and rich visualization of complex data sets.

Joni Girardi, DataSelf CEO, highlighted the power of analytics and how the clear representation of data for cash flow, inventory, customer loyalty, and job costs reduce the time to identify critical issues and how to initiate relevant and timely actions.

Acumatica Business Intelligence

DataSelf’s integration with Acumatica includes more than 5,000 ready-to-use report templates that provide single-page investigations to understand how complex data is impacting business performance.

The DataSelf Acumatica integration supports cloud, hybrid, and on-premise implementations. With flexible ready-to-use templates, ease of implementation, and high usability, DataSelf and Acumatica integrate to improve business BI and analytics.

If you’d like to learn more about extending your Acumatica ERP with business intelligence, contact Emerald TC.

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