Four Reasons Your Business Needs Sage 100cloud

Sage 100cloud or Sage 100 offers businesses a great enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. As a manufacturer, you know the importance of precision in your daily work. Without precise measurements and ingredients, the products you manufacture would never come out the same way, twice. You’d end up with a lot of wasted products and annoyed customers.

Data management is a lot like measuring ingredients. It must be precise, or you won’t be able to manage your business effectively. Manual data entry opens the way for errors to creep into your accounting, for instance, that can be difficult to track down and fix.

Not so with an ERP system. It’s more than accounting. It’s a streamlined accounting, finance, and operations system that helps the modern manufacturing facility save time and effort throughout nearly every aspect of business.

While there are many great reasons to use Sage 100cloud, let’s focus on the four top reasons why manufacturers benefit from it.

Four Big Benefits of Sage 100cloud

  1. Improved Business Analysis

Sage 100cloud helps you improve business analysis by providing accurate, real-time data. Once you review such data, you can make informed decisions based on information flowing in from all areas of your company.

Because an ERP system provides a window into many areas of your business, you can combine the information into business intelligence reports and systems that enable faster, better analysis. Reviewing marketing results against sales, for instance, can help you decide if campaigns were effective in generating new sales.

An ERP system provides the right data in the most efficient way for improved business analysis. Sage 100cloud offers cloud-based reporting that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, for timely decisions.

  1. Enhanced Customer Information

A second benefit of Sage 100cloud is enhanced customer information. Because the ERP connects the CRM system and the ordering system, you’ll be able to review customer orders in real-time through the cloud-based connection. You can review past and present orders, predict future orders, and proactively market to customers based on attrition and order history.

Another great feature of a cloud-based system is that an update to one part of the system flows through all other parts. Perhaps your sales team visits the customer’s place of business and learns they’ve expanded and added a new regional office. The new address can be typed directly into Sage 100cloud at the customer’s office and flow right into all portions of the system. There’s no need to re- key it in the CRM or the accounting system; the order can be updated once from the field. It’s an efficient and much better way of keeping customer data up to date.

  1. Integrated Inventory Forecasting

Accurate inventory forecasting reduces costs and ensures that the appropriate materials are ready to be fashioned into finished products. ERP systems such as Sage 100cloud improve inventory forecasting by enabling you to access historical data in any time period you choose. The system can also help you predict demand and be set with alerts so that when inventory levels drop below a certain point, you are reminded to reorder. That’s especially useful during times of peak demand.

  1. Better Financial Visibility

It’s frustrating for manufacturing facility owners to dig for data. You shouldn’t have to spend hours looking for the cost of goods sold, the value of your current inventory, or the current level of accounts payable or receivable.

An ERP system such as Sage 100cloud offers enhanced financial visibility. The real-time data updates keep your records fresh and timely, while the reporting functions enable you to see in an instant your outstanding receivables and payables. This and many other functions built into Sage 100c make it a powerful tool for better financial visibility.

Need to Learn More About Sage 100cloud?

Emerald TC offers a complete Sage 100 resource page packed with downloadable resources, videos, and more to help you get the most from your Sage products. Visit the Sage 100 resource page today.

Taking the Plunge: Switching from Sage 100 to Sage 100cloud

Many companies already know and love Sage through Sage 100, the site-based ERP system. There are pros and cons to continue using the site-based system. If you’d like to switch from Sage 100 to Sage 100cloud, speak with the team at Emerald TC. Sage 100cloud is like a new, better, “deluxe” version of Sage 100. Making the change is easy and we can help.

There are many reasons to switch to an ERP system, and Sage 100cloud offers manufacturers a terrific package that includes many useful features available from day one. If you’re ready to make the switch, we’d love to talk to you.

Emerald TC

Emerald TC provides software and consulting for manufacturing companies. We can help you choose the right ERP system for your needs and offer Sage 100, Sage 100cloud, and other software packages for every type and size manufacturing company. Contact us or call 678-456-6919 for more information.

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