How To Uninstall and Reinstall Paperless Office

Are you having problems with Paperless Office? Typically, this manifests in one of the following ways:

  • Sage 100 PDF Converter prompts for a path to create the PDF
  • Sage 100 opens an “Output File Name” window and suggests a file name of “Crystal Reports – <name of report>.pdf” when printing to Paperless PDF
  • Sage 100 prompts for “File name” when printing to Paperless Office
  • Sage 100 Paperless Office displays a “Save As” window to create PDFs
  • Sage 100 Paperless Office (Sage 100 PDF Converter) stops responding when trying to create PDF
  • No response when printing to Paperless Office (Journals & Registers, Forms, Reports)
  • Receive message “PDF document was not created successfully”
  • Receive “Printer not activated -30” error message when printing to Paperless Office or creating PDFs via Paperless Office

Use this short video as a guide to uninstall and reinstall the Paperless Office drivers in Sage 100. In most cases. performing these steps will 100% solve your Paperless Office errors.

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