Integrated ERP Solutions for Shipping

You’ve thought of everything when it comes to the integrated ERP solutions your company is running. You’ve got a great ERP system, you’ve added CRM and warehouse automation software, and your business intelligence system is top-notch.

What about shipping? Have you automated your shipping system?

Yes, shipping packages can be part of an integrated ERP solution. Both Sage and Acumatica integrate with StarShip, a system that’s ideal for shipping small packages. Adding StarShip to your integrated ERP solutions takes one additional, and often overlooked, manual process out of the equation for improved efficiency from start to finish. It can automate many tasks you may be running manually and provide useful metrics to improve your company’s profitability and efficiency.

Why Integrated ERP Solutions Need Shipping Systems

ERP systems such as Acumatica and Sage offer excellent support for managing accounting, finance, and operations. You can also manage sales, marketing, customer support, human resources, warehouse, and inventory management through systems or modules integrated into these ERP systems. Adding a shipping solution connects the automation dots from the order through fulfillment to make shipping faster and easier.

There are many reasons why your company can benefit from adding a shipping system to the ERP. These include:

  • Improved logistics visibility: Once you ship your packages, do you provide customers with updated delivery information? Using an integrated solution makes this process seamless. Instead of referring customers off your website to a third-party site such as UPS or USPS to enter a tracking code, you’ll be able to provide details of their shipment quickly.
  • Enhanced data: The data from your shipping system enters the ERP and can be included in BI and other analytics reports. Analyzing shipping times, damage claims, and similar logistics offers yet another way for you to measure and improve your company’s performance and, by extension, customer satisfaction.
  • Better decision making: Lastly, with the data from integrated ERP solutions that include shipping systems, you can make important decisions about which shipping vendors to use now and in the future. You’ll be able to measure and monitor costs as well as performance and make better decisions based on facts available through the ERP.

StarShip for Acumatica and Sage

StarShip offers all the features you’d expect from a shipping system, and more. It’s an easy module to add to your ERP solution. Once added, StarShip can provide immediate data to your warehouse personnel on the status of orders in transit. Scan the pick sheet number and the system automatically provides an update.

Another great feature of StarShip as part of integrated ERP solutions is its ability to automatically select the most cost-effective carrier for an order. You can preselect the shipping carrier for small parcels or let the system do it for you.

Lastly, with StarShip you can extend your company’s branding to your shipping labels. It may seem like such a small thing, but every reminder of your company’s brand is an important step to improve brand recognition and visibility. The system also offers the ability to print documents separately or prepare an integrated order form and shipping label.

You’ve automated so much with your business. From how you run reports to billing your customers, you’ve automated as much as possible. Don’t forget the last and perhaps most important step in the ordering process: shipping. With automated shipping solutions integrated with your ERP system, you’ve closed the ordering cycle and provided the best shipping data possible for both your customers and your team.

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