Sage 100 Updates and Upgrades: Check Out What’s New and Improved

We’re at that time of year when you may be wondering if a Sage 100 upgrade is necessary. There are many reasons why upgrading Sage 100 is important, including enhanced security, new features, and updates to old versions that make this powerful ERP better than ever before. Here’s what you need to know about Sage 100 updates and upgrades.

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2023 Sage 100 Updates

There will not be a fix for the printing issue on Windows 11 for the 32-bit version of Sage 100. If you are on the 2021 version or later, you can fix this issue by switching to the 64-bit version. 

The 2023.1 release included bug fixes as well as a “next lot number” button throughout multiple modules and a work ticket to purchase order post-conversion link utility. 

A bug that involved losing the bank account number and description when running the positive pay export has been resolved. To fix this issue, follow these steps:

  • Go to Accounts Payable, Setup, Bank code maintenance
  • Select the Bank Code used for Positive Pay
  • Enter a Bank Account Number
  • Re-Generate a Positive Pay Export

In order to receive multiple POs in either Receipt of Goods, Receipt of Invoice, or both, click the Apply Purchase Orders button to the right of the PO field after you select your first PO. There are limitations for combining: the POs must have the same vendor, terms, sales tax schedule, and “ship via.”

2022 Sage 100 Updates

Auto Logoff Fixed

For those running versions 202.4-2020.6 of Sage 100, you may have run into issues with the Auto Logoff. There’s now a fix for it in the latest Sage 100 upgrade, so when asked, you can add a prompt for the Auto Logoff so the user can continue working.


If you use the Payroll feature in Sage 100, please verify which version of Payroll you are currently running.

How can you find out which version you are running? Follow these instructions.

  • Choose File from the upper left corner of Sage 100
  • Then choose RUN.
  • In the RUN prompt, type in: *INFO

The System Information screen should now display your current Library Master version, the number of licensed users, whether you are on a subscription (and if so, its expiration date), and your installed Payroll version and expiration date.

The current version release of Payroll is 2.22.3. If you have an older version, consider updating it during a Sage 100 Upgrade. This ensures that both the latest enhancements and fixes are available to you.

Please note: if you upgrade Payroll, you aren’t required to upgrade any other Sage 100 module. You will need to have all users log out and stay off the system while the upgrade is installed. This usually takes 15-30 minutes.

License Verification

Are you a Sage 100 subscription user? If so, pay attention, because Sage will be updating their license verification method. License verification is required to validate a Sage 100 license.

Moving forward from summer 2023, you’ll need to use a supported version to continue to use Sage 100 if you are on a subscription basis. That’s another great reason for a Sage 100 upgrade—you’ll need that supported version to ensure your license is validated.

What happens if your license cannot be validated? Sage 100 converts into read-only mode until you can get it updated. Sage supports only the current version plus two prior versions, so be sure to upgrade if you’re on an older version.

2021 Updates

Sage 100 2021.2 was released in September 2021. With this update, it is a great time to remind you to upgrade your version regularly. Here are three great reasons to be up to date:

  1. Sage drops support for older versions. When Sage 100 2022 is released in March or April, support for version 2019 will cease. It doesn’t mean this version will stop working; however, compatibility with other systems like Microsoft Windows may be a problem. For example, Windows 11 will only be compatible back to Sage 100 2020.x and Sage 100 2021 is not supported with Windows 7.
  2. Being on unsupported versions opens your systems up to security breaches. That’s because the latest versions update security as threats become known.
  3. With each release, new functionality and fixes are added. Even small updates can help increase your efficiency. Sage listens to users’ input and that change you’ve always wanted just might be there. Add your ideas at the Sage 100 ideas forum.

2021.2 Updates

  1. 1099 Form Changes for tax year 2021 in Accounts Payable
  2. Accounts Payable: DBA name and address fields have been added to the Additional tab in Vendor Maintenance and the Vendor Maintenance On-the-Fly window.
  3. ODBC Password Support
  4. Search Field in Account Maintenance/Inquiry: Description Search has now been added to the GL Account field.
  5. Security Update to User Report: The User Report now allows you to print only those tasks the user has access to.

Read the Sage 100 2021.2 Release Notes for other fixes.

2020 Updates

Moving from Sage 100 to Sage 100cloud is an upgrade that may just make your business life easier.

Why You Should Upgrade

The Sage 100 upgrade to the cloud focuses on a manufacturing upgrade; that is, changing Sage 100cloud so that it offers more support for manufacturing processes and business needs.

There’s a lot going on with the Sage 100 upgrade. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Timecard – the new Timecard module tracks time entry tasks and options and payroll, job costs, and BOI functions.
  • Budgeting and planning – the startup pack now offers budgeting and planning functions as part of your Sage subscription. Choose from among eight pre-defined budget templates, included with Sage 1. One desktop and three web users are included with your Sage 100cloud subscription.
  • Integration with Office 365 – Sage Contacts now integrates with Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook contacts, so you don’t have to enter them separately into Sage.
  • Sales Order History – reprint Sales Order History for audits or to resolve disputes.

Sage Mobility for Barcode

Another item to note as part of the Sage 100 upgrade is Sage Mobility for Barcode. Manage your entire supply chain, from order placement through manufacturing and distribution. You can now get real time information through iOS and Android apps available for any mobile device.

Scanco Sales, Scanco Mobility, Scanco Warehouse 100, Scanco Manufacturing Suite, and Scanco Field Service are all available through mobile apps.

Mobility Module

New is the Mobility Module. This module is now accessible via the Sage Landing page and includes an Install Wizard for easy installation.

An additional four new user interfaces to import data collected on mobile devices are all available, too, and show data imported by type. You can also see data imported by type within a range of dates. Grid views make it easy to find what you need, and everything can be printed as needed, too.

Great Add-Ons for Your Sage System

Sage also makes it easy to add on whatever you need to your basic system in this upgrade. There’s a long list of potential add-ons that includes:

With so many options, you can add just the right software to your system to build out the right software for your business needs. And, because everything is built for integration, it integrates easily without the need for costly custom programming.

Scanco Acquires ACS Groups Multi-Bin and Manufacturing Efficiency Suite

Another big announcement … Scanco has acquired ACSG Solutions. Now under the Scanco umbrella are all the ACS multi-bin and manufacturing efficiency tools in one. This includes warehouse, distribution, supply chain, and other productivity and tracking apps and software that give you better insight and control over your entire process.

Emerald TC for Sage 100 Upgrades

If you’re ready to make the switch to Sage or need an upgrade, contact us or call 678-456-6919 for more information about our software solutions for manufacturers.

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