Latest Sage 100 Version Updates


There will not be a fix for the printing issue on Windows 11 for the 32-bit version of Sage 100. If you are on 2021 or later, you can fix this issue by switching to the 64-bit version. 

The 2023.1 release included bug fixes as well as a “next lot number” button throughout multiple modules and a work ticket to purchase order post-conversion link utility. 

A bug that involved losing the bank account number and description when running the positive pay export has been resolved. To fix this issue, follow these steps:

  • Go to Accounts Payable, Setup, Bank code maintenance
  • Select the Bank Code used for Positive Pay
  • Enter a Bank Account Number
  • Re-Generate a Positive Pay Export

In order to receive multiple POs in either Receipt of Goods, Receipt of Invoice, or both, click the Apply Purchase Orders button to the right of the PO field after you select your first PO. There are limitations for combining: the POs must have the same vendor, terms, sales tax schedule, and “ship via.”

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