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BizNet, Sage 100 and Acumatica Cloud ERP Offer Complete Solutions

Everywhere you turn these days it seems as if companies are talking about the importance of “seamless integration” among various systems during enterprise resource planning implementation. While it’s true that seamless integration is the ideal, it’s not always the reality. Managers often struggle to consolidate and report data from multiple systems. Despite their best efforts, this process often results in inaccurate data fueling reports used for business decisions. The results, as you can imagine, are less than spectacular.

So what’s the solution? It’s often hard to get disparate systems to “play nice” with each other and work well behind the scenes. Spreadsheets aren’t a good long-term solution, either. The best solution is an integrated enterprise resource planning system that’s actually built with integration in mind. Two such ERP software packages are Sage 100 and Acumatica.

An ERP provides one central location for all information so that there is a single point of control for data, eliminating duplicate data entry and ensuring data integrity. Although this might be an ideal solution, some companies wish to retain legacy systems and may need a bridge between their ERPs.

Many companies face similar problems According to a BizNet survey:

  • Most companies use multiple applications. More than 80% of survey respondents have at least three process management applications (such as ERP, CRM, expense accounting, and project management). In fact, 20% have 6 or more systems
  • Spreadsheets remain a preferred method of filling gaps between systems. 75% of respondents to the survey states that they use Excel two to fives times per week to consolidate data from multiple systems.

Microsoft Excel is the most popular analysis and reporting tool. Why do so many choose Excel? Another study provides the answer:

  • 68%–easy to create analytics
  • 60%–easy to create graphics
  • 67%–easier to build than alternative tools
  • 64%–easy to format
  • 66%–easy to share

Solutions to Power Business Data

Emerald TC offers many potential solutions to help you gain an easier integrated view of your business.

If you prefer using Excel, BizNet may be a good solution for you. BizNet provides tools that allow you to create and update your business reports directly in Excel. Analyze and create reports on sales, inventory, payroll, vendors, customers and more using business data from across your organization. BizNet Vision is 100% Excel. It is easy to use, allowing you to evaluate any data from any system to answer key business questions quickly without having to manually pull data from multiple sources.

BizNet integrates with powerful ERP systems including Sage 100 and Acumatica, two software choices that provide company-wide data and processes.

Sage 100 ERP offers a feature-rich system that includes many popular features used in different industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare and more. Core properties include robust accounting and finance software that provides complete management of all of your accounting tasks. Business intelligence, customer relationship management, human resources management and more are available in one easy to use package. Sage 100 ERP offers a package with integration build right in from the start.

Acumatica offers true cloud-based ERP for mid-sized companies. It can help you improve processes and gain control over all aspects of your company to accelerate and monitor growth. Through Acumatica, you can gain a complete, real-time view of your business. Its cloud-based approach means that you can view this information anytime, anywhere. Flexible, cost-effective, customizable and easy to use, Acumatica is indeed true cloud-based ERP for a growing business.

Emerald TC

Learn more about BizNet, Sage 100 ERP and Acumatica from Emerald TC. Our experienced team of certified consultants, master developers, and CPAs provides you with a comprehensive team of experts to help you choose and implement the best solution for your business. We are here to help you build and grow your business. Contact us or call 678-456-6919.

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