Manufacturers Updating Technology Look to Acumatica ERP for Improvements

Acumatica ERP can help manufacturers update their systems so that data work for them—not against them—in the race to be the first, best, and only thought in their customers’ minds.

Manufacturers are usually the first to embrace new technology if it helps them bring new products to market faster, better, and cheaper. Innovation comes in leaps and bounds. Water, steam, and later electrical powered looms and machinery replaced spinning wheels; conveyor belts revolutionized the assembly line; and the assembly line made affording an automobile possible for the middle class, opening the floodgates of profitability for manufacturers in the early 20th century smart enough to embrace the new approach.

We stand on the brink of a similar revolution today, although this one is powered by data and thought rather than by new machines or power sources. The future looks bright for manufacturing and enterprise resource planning will help manufacturers embrace and use data in new and innovative ways.

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Enterprise Resource Planning for Manufacturing

ERP or enterprise resource planning systems enable manufacturers to capture real-time data and analyze it to improve productivity. Base suites such as Acumatica ERP provide a robust platform from which to manage multiple tasks, including accounting, finance, operations, sales, and more. Add to that other software, including CRM, supply chain management, barcode scanners for inventory management, and mobility, and you’ve got one powerful engine propelling growth.

Acumatica cloud ERP offers a better way to manage manufacturing data. With its cloud-based approach, you can implement it any way you choose and include just those modules and items that make the most sense to your business. As you grow, it grows along with you, enabling more users to join the system without a hitch.

Best of all, cloud ERP means that data is synchronized real-time across all users. Data arrives from your warehouse and manufacturing plan in real time. Gone are the days when paper-based reports had to be shuffled back to the central office, rekeyed into a system or a spreadsheet, and forwarded to multiple recipients. What a nightmare if someone caught a mistake—you’d have to go back, fix the spreadsheet, and forward it yet again. Now, with real-time Acumatica cloud ERP, it’s accurate data flowing immediately into your reports. Need an update? Just look on your dashboard—it’s all there.

A Full Suite of Integrated Business Applications in Acumatica ERP

Acumatica cloud ERP offers a full suite of integrated business applications including:

  • Financial Management Suite
  • Distribution Management Suite
  • Customer Management Suite
  • Project Accounting Suite

As you determine your business needs now and in the future, add additional business applications from the Acumatica family. The cloud-based approach makes it easy to add just what you need to grow your business.

The future looks bright for manufacturing. According to Bloomberg, manufacturing just had its best year in the USA since 2011 and that trend appears to be continuing with both domestic and foreign orders up over last year. It’s never been a better time to add ERP to your business software.

Emerald TC

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