More Acumatica Applications Added for the Perfect Integrated Solution

More Acumatica applications have been added and certified, allowing companies to create and build the perfect integrated solution.

Let’s face it—everyone loves customization. Customization not only makes things more personal to the owner but improves functionality. Take a car, for instance. Customization at the dealership enables new car owners to choose the upholstery color for the interior as well as exterior paint colors. Customization of the car’s engine, however, improves its functionality. Moving up from a V4 to a V6 or V8 adds more power and enables a base model car to pull a trailer or boat, for example, thanks to the heftier engine.

Acumatica applications are a great example of adding functionality through customization. With each certification, Acumatica provides business owners with new solutions to everyday business challenges.

Acumatica Applications: An Adaptable Platform Made Even Better

The Acumatica applications showcased at the 2019 Acumatica Partner Summit, for example, underscore the flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency of the Acumatica platform. The company currently boasts 150 Acumatica ISV and Acumatica OEM partners from around the world; 50 were added in the past year alone.

Acumatica applications enable companies to add many capabilities to the base Acumatica platform including:

  • Altec DocLink, a document management system that allows you to search, store, retrieve, and send all manner of company documents from a desktop.
  • Avalara AlvaTax, which can assist you with tracking, monitoring, charging, and reporting the appropriate sales tax across multiple taxation jurisdictions. It even includes VAT taxes for those conducting business with companies based in Europe.
  • Acumatica Cloud ERP Suites, which provides robust functionality based around your company’s needs. Suites include project accounting, financial management, distribution, and customer management.
  • DataSelf, which provides end-to-end business intelligence reporting for companies using Acumatica. These BI reports are exceptional and enable everyone in your company to use data intelligently to solve problems, improve efficiency, and achieve excellence.
  • Scanco products, which transform a handheld device such as a smartphone or tablet into a handheld scanner. No need for special hardware or scanning units. Faster onboarding and training using Scanco software is also a big plus.

Integrated Solutions for Every Business Need

Just as not every driver needs the same car, no two manufacturing businesses need identical software. Sure, all companies need a robust accounting and financial management package to handle daily accounting tasks. Acumatica’s basic package provides a practical solution for accounting and financial management.

But what if your business handles an extensive network of distribution centers? Acumatica Cloud ERP suite offers distribution management modules that easily integrate into the base package.

Perhaps your company manufactures pharmaceutical products, or health and beauty products. There are multiple labeling requirements, documents, and laboratory tests to track. Altec DocLink lets you scan and send them, find them within your system, and provide them to the right person with the click of a mouse.

How about taxes? Whether you need to charge the appropriate amount of sales tax in Galveston or Germany, there’s an Acumatica application for that.

Build a better business. With Acumatica applications and integrated product suites, you can build your customized solution to fit your business needs.

About Acumatica ERP

Acumatica ERP is a cloud-based business management software program for mid-sized businesses. You can control access levels among your employees, providing everyone in the company with the appropriate security clearance for their role. The system may be accessed through any web browser, so employees can use it while at the office, traveling, visiting with your clients, working remotely, or among multiple offices. A unique subscription-based pricing model and flexible deployment methods mean that your Acumatica system can grow along with your business. You aren’t locked into a set number of licenses, for example. If your company hires many seasonal workers or needs to grow temporarily to accommodate a large order, Acumatica adjusts with it.

Emerald TC

Emerald TC provides software and consulting for manufacturing companies. We can help you choose the right ERP system for your needs and offer Acumatica and other software packages for every type and size manufacturing company. Contact us or call 678-456-6919 for more information.

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