Sage 500 Updates, Customization and Support

Sage 500 is a robust and flexible business management software that can be easily adapted to specific business needs. Sage 500, (also known as Sage ERP MAS 500) is popular among manufacturers and distributors who need a customizable, open architecture, business system.

Emerald TC is one of the largest providers in the USA of service and support for Sage 500 users. We are a master developer and have been working with the software since version 1.5. If you are a satisfied Sage 500 software user, keep your investment up-to-date with the latest product updates and our services and support.

Sage 500 Offers Enterprise-Wide Solutions

Sage 500 is built on Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic and Microsoft Office technology, which makes it popular among Microsoft fans. It has a broad range of standard integrated functionality including financials, sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, and project accounting. The system offers additional modules to expand its core capabilities so that it can be customized to individual business needs. Its open architecture makes it easily customized for many companies who can’t find an ERP solution to fit their needs. Sage 500 can be adapted to different models and industries through additional development.

Sage 500 is good for many industries, but it is especially a great fit for wholesalers and manufacturers. Distribution, manufacturing, and wholesale orders can be handled with ease through Sage 500.

Sage 500 Product Updates

Sage has continued to provide key product updates for Sage 500. In 2017, key product functionality that has been added includes:

  • embedded Sage Intelligence Report utility to make it easier to access
  • Sage Intelligence Operational Reports which include Change Order Report, Inventory on Hand Analysis and Period Cash Flow Projections
  • simple way to update the status of a large group of accounts
  • validates compatibility with Windows Server 2016

In December, look for tax table updates and a revenue recognition engine so that Sage 500 customers can comply with ASC 606.

Customization and Support for Sage 500

Emerald TC offers add on modules, software and full support for Sage 500. We offer Sage Inventory Advisor, AP automation, barcoding systems, EDI solutions and more. And if what you need doesn’t exist, we also offer customization for all Sage 500 users.

Another aspect of Sage 500 that we fully support is its integration with e-commerce. Although some systems can be tricky to integrate with e-commerce modules, we’ve found that Sage 500 fits well into most online platforms and cart systems. We have worked with many companies to develop wholesale, manufacturing, distributing, and retail models that utilize Sage 500 along with an e-commerce platform.

Emerald TC

Emerald TC specializes in helping mid-market, multi-location companies increase efficiency, productivity, and profits. We support all Sage products, including Sage 500 and Sage 100, and offer training, customization, support, and more. BizNet, Altec, Avalara, Sage and other software are all available and we choose the right products and add-ons to support your business needs. Let’s discuss how we can help you. Contact us or call 678-456-6919 today.

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