Optimize Shipping with Sage 100 Shipping Software

Did your carrier shipping costs increase significantly in 2015? Have the new dimensional weight rules from FedEx and UPS taken a bite out of your profitability? Shipping costs can be a big chunk of your product sales’ expenses. By optimizing your shipping mix using Sage 100 shipping software, you can decrease these costs.

Opportunities for Cost Savings in Shipping

Optimizing shipping got a little more complex in 2015. UPS and FedEx changed their dimensional (DIM) weight billing to apply to all air and ground packages. This means that size and weight ratios in your packages matter—especially for medium and large, lightweight items. If you are not optimizing your shipping, your carrier charges may have increased significantly.

When you are looking to save every dollar possible, evaluating your shipping strategy and processes is important. Here are a few potential action areas for savings.

  • Pack more efficiently
  • Set standards for commonly used box dimensions
  • Review your carrier contracts and change to address minimum charges, DIM factors, and discounts
  • Consider regional, rather than national, carriers
  • Use USPS Priority Mail for packages most affected by the new DIM rules where it makes sense
  • Evaluate USPS Flat Rate Packaging and Cubic Volume rates

Sage 100 Shipping Software Saves Time and Money

Dealing with dimensional weight rules can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why Emerald TC offers StarShip, Sage 100 shipping software, from V-Technologies. This Sage 100 shipping software automates shipping based on your specific product parameters. The automation tool integrates directly with Sage 100 so that you don’t have to input data twice.

With StarShip, you can get your shipments out the door on time and with minimal effort. Here are just a few of its features:

  • Sage 100 and Amazon integration. Seamless interfaces provide the warehouse with instant access to orders and invoices.
  • Multi-carrier/Multi-mode. From one application, you can evaluate shipping rates from both national and regional carriers and select the best service for your small parcel.
  • Multiple Printing Options. Print shipping labels and packing lists separately or in one integrated document.
  • International Support. The shipping software automates your international documentation using Sage 100 line items.
  • Customer email. Build brand awareness and repeat sales with custom shipment notifications.
  • Dashboard: Instant access to shipment history, metrics, and reporting.
  • EDI Integration: Data flows to EDI software for a complete supply chain solution.
  • Warehouse barcoding integration: Directly integrate shipping data with your warehouse barcoding solution.

If you would like to learn how StarShip software can help your business, contact Emerald TC. We can show you how shipping software can be seamlessly integrated with Sage 100 for a fully automated business solution.

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