Outgrown Spreadsheet and Simple Accounting Programs? It’s Time for Sage 100

Most businesses start their accounting using spreadsheets. Over time, as the business grows, the company may invest in accounting software to manage invoices, payroll, debits, and credits.

At some point, however, you’ll find that your business has outgrown spreadsheets and specialized accounting programs. Then it’s time for an ERP system—enterprise resource planning. Sage 100 is an enterprise resource planning system that not only handles your financial records and accounting with ease but offers many features that can help you build a better business.

Choose Your Modules

Unlike out-of-the-box accounting programs, Sage 100 offers customization and flexibility to meet a variety of business types and needs. Choose the features and modules that meet your needs and add more as your business grows. There are specialized modules for hospitality and entertainment, distribution, hard goods manufacturing, and more.

Sage 100 also offers additional modules that may be helpful as your business grows. Sage HRMS, for example, is a human resources management module that enables you to manage employee records, payroll, and more easily online. Sage Fixed Asset enables you to track and manage fixed assets for businesses of any size. Sage CRM puts customer relationship management right at your fingertips, seamlessly integrating CRM with your base Sage package for better customer service and communications.

Combining Financial Management into One Efficient Package

Sage 100 combines both accounting and financial management into one efficient package so you don’t have to invest in multiple software packages. On premises as well as online deployment also offers you additional flexibility. Online deployment also means you can access Sage 100 from any internet-connected device, so you can check on your business or work while traveling.

Three Versions to Fit Your Needs

Sage 100 is available in three versions, each scaled to fit the needs of a growing business.

  • Sage 100 Standard offers the perfect step-up for companies making the switch from out-of-the-box accounting programs into the world of enterprise resource planning. It includes all the features you need to handle standard and complex accounting functions, financial management, reporting, and more. Plus, it can be integrated with other Sage software to expand your options.
  • Sage 100 Advanced enables remote users, expanded location support, and additional functions. It’s based on a bigger data warehouse so you have more power and more accessibility than Sage 100 Standard.
  • Sage 100 Premium combines Microsoft SQL’s efficiency and scalability for a larger, highly dependable system. This is plenty of computing and database power for the largest companies and offers an efficient method by which to manage your business data.

More Reasons to Choose an ERP System

There are many good reasons to choose an ERP system such as Sage 100 for your business. These include:

  • Improved processes and efficiency – an ERP system enables you to streamline processes and work more efficiently.
  • Collaboration – ERP systems foster greater collaboration among your teams. Having a central repository of data makes it easier for everyone to collaborate on projects.
  • Customer service – you can improve customer service using an ERP system, too. Faster access to customers’ order histories can help you respond to inquiries with speed and efficiency.
  • Productivity – improved productivity occurs when redundant and manual tasks are eliminated using your ERP system.
  • Security – cloud-based ERP systems offer better security than trying to manage independent databases on your own.

If you’re ready to move beyond spreadsheets and out-of-the-box accounting software, then Sage 100 may be the answer. It’s a flexible, powerful, and scalable business system that offers the best accounting, financial management, and reporting features a growing business needs.

Emerald TC offers an experienced team of certified consultants, master developers, and CPAs to provide you with a comprehensive team of experts for advice, solutions, and suggestions. We are here to help you build and grow your business. Sage 100 offers multiple product configurations for those just starting with ERP and those who need it to run their global business. Contact us or call 678-456-6919 for more information on Sage 100.

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