Outgrown Your Current Software? Try Acumatica ERP

It would be so much easier if software came with an expiration stamp like a carton of milk. You’d know that by January 1, 2020, it would be outdated, and you could plan to buy more.

Software can run for a long time before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Or, your company may be chugging along, maintaining its pace, and suddenly go through a growth spurt and only then do you notice problems.

Think you’ve outgrown your current system? Take a look at these five points. If you recognize yourself in any of them, it might be time for an upgrade to Acumatica ERP.

  1. Slow Systems

Older systems may not have the bandwidth to accommodate more than a set number of users. Screens freeze, systems crash, and the IT department gets more calls than they wish for system problems, errors, and glitches. As your company grows and adds more users, you may have maxed out your license. Shared licenses, multiple access requests, and more can create data bottlenecks that lead to slow response times.

  1. Continued Reliance on Spreadsheets

Some people love using spreadsheets but, they can be difficult to use, hard to share, and even harder to import the data from one spreadsheet into another system. Business intelligence reports and data visualizations can also be tricky to run from spreadsheets. If you are still relying on spreadsheets to run reports, it’s time to make the leap into the new world of ERP and BI.

  1. Preparing Reports Manually

Along with continued reliance on spreadsheets, preparing reports manually is also a time-wasting endeavor. If you need to run a report manually every time you want to see data, your system is stuck in the technology stone ages. New systems such as Acumatica ERP draw data from real-time synchronization to produce fast, accurate reports that give you this moment’s business picture, not last Monday’s.

  1. Integration Problems

Older systems are often held together with virtual duct tape. If you’re cobbling together numerous systems (and they’re always breaking down), it’s time to shift your thinking. Newer ERP systems such as Acumatica ERP provide robust accounting and financial data management in one system. Additional modules can be added to manage inventory, sales, marketing, warehouse systems and more. Instead of fussing with integrating multiple systems, you simply click on the dashboard to access the data you need. No more virtual duct tape.

  1. You Need More to Grow

Companies grow over time. They add employees, business units, product lines, offices and warehouse locations, and more. Some maintain separate P & Ls for each business division. Many off the shelf accounting software packages cannot handle multiple P & Ls or the disparate data coming in from bigger organizations. A package that was fine for your company’s needs five years ago may not be able to accommodate your current level of growth.

Systems such as Acumatica ERP offer plenty of room to grow and expand. You can add users, divisions, and business lines as needed. Best of all, with cloud hosting, you can access your system from anywhere. As you open new offices, add independent contractors, or link up warehouses in your system, you can do so through any internet-based device.

Acumatica Cloud ERP in Atlanta and Birmingham

Atlanta, Birmingham, and southeastern businesses looking to upgrade their software can find a local consultant that understands their business needs: Emerald TC. We specialize in helping mid-market, multi-location companies increase efficiency, productivity, and profits. Acumatica Cloud ERP is one of the many fine software packages we sell and support. Let’s discuss how we can help you. Contact us or call 678-456-6919 today.

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