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One of the very best investments for those seeking to enhance their business process can be found in an integrated document management system. From reducing data input, to nearly eliminating the time and expense involved in printing, searching for, faxing, filing, and mailing documents; the benefits are far reaching.

ALTEC DocLink software integrates directly with your business system to effectively eliminate paper from your office. DocLink enables you to increase productivity, and enhance internal and external communication between customers, vendors and employees. What’s more, through the electronic capture of documents, this paperless solution streamlines business processes; automates distribution; and offers instant retrieval of anything your staff requires in real-time.

Features and Benefits

• Automatically capture and index documents with OCR, Barcode, XML import and ERM.
• Securely view, retrieve, annotate, print, fax, email, and archive documents.
• Easily connect with remote locations for data exchange.
• Configure the workflow to match approval process steps.
• Quickly audit and match invoices with purchase orders, receiving documents, and packing slips for instant reconciliation.
• Allow vendors to fax or email documents directly to doc-link.
• Access vendor and GL account codes without going through the accounting system.
• Recall invoices by account charged within a date range.
• Automatically distribute documents to recipients based on their personal preferences.
• Create templates to isolate and communicate necessary data.
• Export documents to various formats (XML, HTML, PDF, TIFF, CSV, EDI, etc.)
• Access documents with fully protected, role-based security.
• Track all actions taken with a document.
• And more!

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